Saturday, January 11, 2014

Christmas Gifts

I am totally remiss in the lateness of this post and I apologize publicly to my very dear friend, Debra, in Western Massachusetts. Please forgive me!
Debra sent me a box of splendid goodies for Christmas and I thought that I had photographed these lovely gifts and posted here about how much I love them all. Egads, I did not! But wait until you see the gifts!

There are two sewn bookmarks, both embellished with vintage buttons, and checkbook cover that has been sewn with an extra pocket to hold your deposit slips, and two wooden signs proclaiming my philosophy!
There were also some nice 5" charms in the box which now I cannot photograph because I've put them in a safe place, LOL!
This would've been more than enough to please me, but wait! Look what she made for me!!!

A beautifully stitched and quilted tote bag made of Moda's Field Notes charms! I just love it! It is so perfect that I'm almost afraid to use it for fear that I might put a mark upon it. And just look at the inside, too.

Two big roomy side pockets and a fully enclosed stiffener in the bottom. I also love that fabric that she used for the interior and the handles. Debra, THANK YOU!!!! Once again, I am blessed with treasured friends. Yes, I like the stuff, but your friendship is the best gift of all!

Happy sewing!


Debra Robinson said...

You're so very welcome my Girlfriend...comes from my heart...Love you...

Janet O. said...

Debra couldn't have chosen a more worthy recipient, Vic. You have such a giving heart. You should be the one receiving now and then!!
Lovely gifts. : )

cityquilter grace said...

very nice quilty loot....i love that bag pattern!

Nancy Jorden said...

There are many different parks. I just love visiting parks.

Bazaarinegypt said...

I love all this simple touches. I just love this tour! I absolutely LOVE your style about this simple Christmas decor.
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