Saturday, January 4, 2014

Squeaky Snow

When the temperature drops down low as it has been lately, the snow squeaks when you walk on it.

The last nor'easter left us with a fresh 8.5 inches to plow, shovel, and sweep off of cars.

The air is so very clean and crisp, it reminds me of why I truly love winter weather!

Early sunrise from my front door.

No weeds, no bugs, no mud, and best of all, no stinking hot and humid days!!!!

My Farmer's Wife quilting group meets at the end of the month usually, but has a cookie swap planned for Monday, weather permitting, of course.

Laurie Aaron Hird wrote the book.
We have all taken the vow to assemble this sampler quilt completely with hand sewing and scissor cutting using templates.

It certainly is a change of pace from zooming through mystery clues on my old trusty circa 1949 White Sewing Machine, LOL!

My southern-facing living room windows give me a lovely light for stitching these on sunny days.

The blocks will finish at 6 inches in the quilt.

There are 111 blocks for the queen size and I'm the newest in the group and the slowest to have blocks done. I plan it to be a three to five year project.

The kittens have been surviving the bitter temperatures of -12 degrees (Farenheight below zero). I was so relieved this morning when I checked on them to see that they were all okay and had no frostbite on their ears.

The cardboard box that they all cuddle together in has four layers of wool army blankets draped over the top side.

But as soon as the sun comes out, they are all gathered in the sunshine soaking up rays as you see above.

The dogs love a good rowdy romp in the snow!

And they are happy to come in and chew a good tennis ball to death on the futon, too!

Stay calm and quilt on!


Janet O. said...

Completely by hand and scissors only? Yikes.
I wouldn't be able to play with your group! : )
Stay warm!!

cityquilter grace said...

vic i so admire you for taking on this project by hand...there is !rhythm to hand piecing like hand quilting...before long you will love it! we are oh so glad to see temps now near 30 too....the sun is so nice and warm and cheery...and i can finally see over the snowbanks in front of my windows!

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