Thursday, January 2, 2014

Winter Fun!

After some false starts due to snow storms, Felix and Matthew and I did get over to my sister Suzanne's house two towns over in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, on New Year's Eve day.

We traded some presents and shared some tea and goodies.

I was very pleased that Suzanne showed me that she is using and loving her pair of Sister's Choice quilts. In the picture above, one of the quilts is hung on the wall behind my head. Here is the other one on her bed.

It is so gratifying to see them being used and treasured!

Back at my house, I have been trying out Felix's gift to me, the Verilux, "Happy Light" on the shelf over my computer.

 This is a full spectrum light that is helping me out with the dreary days of winter darkness. I'm loving how much better I feel after using it for a few days!

If you also suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, pick up one of these lamps at Joann's for yourself for around $40.

I've been thrilled to see Bonnie K. Hunter's big reveal on the finish of Celtic Solstice on her blog . It is such a bright and sunny quilt and I think that the blue/orange pieced borders really pop!

Now I'm motivated to go back into the clues of Celtic Solstice and finish each one. Today I was able to get all 25 pinwheels done.

I also needed 30 more of the orange/yellow HST's to put into the Clue 5 "Split Triangle Units."

I worked hard on those split triangles today and got my total up to 70 of the 100 that I need for the smaller version. Lots more to do and I'm having great fun with it!

Happy sewing!


Janet O. said...

Hey, I've been to Wolfeboro! : )
The quilt looks great on your sister's bed, Vic!
I wonder if our local JoAnn store has that light--I know some people who would probably love one.
I do like Bonnie's quilt. It is very happy, isn't it? You are getting there! I'm still working on Easy Street! : )

cityquilter grace said...

can't wait to see your celtic solstice! it's a great pattern...and i love your little light!

Beth in MN said...

The Sisters Choice quilts look lovely in their surroundings. It was good that you were able to get to your sister and visit. I agree that lots of full-spectrum lighting helps with winter doldrums! I have a lot of lights in my sewing room and it sure helps. It was -28 F. last night. Hopefully we are not sending that your way. Take care and keep warm!

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