Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hump Day

As you may recall, Felix and I had done some specialty shopping at Lo's Oriental Market down in Newington, New Hampshire a few days ago. Here is his version of "Hot'n'Sour" soup made with lots of dried black mushrooms (that are also called black fungi) and fresh tofu. It is the ONLY way that he will eat tofu, but this, he loves!

As for me, alas, I am the "ugly American" type who does not embrace foreign foods and I let Matthew and Felix consume the whole pot by themselves. I'm strictly a Wonton Soup gal, LOL!

Yesterday was the monthly gathering of the Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt group down in Milton, New Hampshire, at Camille Arnone's shop, Evergreen Country Primitives.
We all laughed about the fact that bad weather et al had postponed so many of our meetings that we were celebrating our Christmas cookie swap just in time for Valentine's Day, LOL!

Here is Camille, herself, our great hostess, keeping us all laughing and chatting as we stitched the 6" blocks from Laurie Aaron Hird's book.

I think that I'm the laggard of the group, having joined the latest. Here I am, below, proud to have completed my fourth block and all hand-stitched and cut with templates! Whew!

One of the other gals has 28 blocks done of the 111 needed for the queen sized quilt. But we all remind each other that it is not a race. It was great fun of sitting around munching chocolate bonbons imported from Ireland and cookies fresh from our own kitchens! Yeay!

Then today, I wanted to stop by the sale at The Quilted Frog quilt shop located just off the circle in the Weir's Beach village of Laconia, New Hampshire.
The Frog is co-owned by Sue DiBona and Jody Saulnier, and it is at 51 Endicott Street, East, (which is Route 11B), and the zip code is 03247. I hope that helps all you gals find it on your GPS or Mapquest searches. It's worth the trip!

The current sale is for 20% off every fabric in stock, Yippee!!!! It goes until Saturday, February 1st, so there's still time to make it if you want to go. And Saturday all single FQ's are going to be 50% off.

Jody and the shop's quilt instructor, Anne Colburn, both helped me to select my treasures. Anne is on the left, and Jody is on the right and we've all known each other for years from the guild.

You can see my choices are there on the counter, and that most of them were from Nancy Gere's,"Women of Courage" line by Windham.

There was also a Pheasant Hill Kansas Troubles from Moda, (on the far right below) and last, but not least, was a neutral figured print called "Reflections" by Johanna Wilson of Plum Creek Patchwork from the Troy Corporation's Riverwoods Collection, on the far left below.

They are all so lovely together. I just had to possess them!

The bitter cold that had returned is back on its way out now, but slowly. Tipper, the cat, likes to come out for a pleasant stroll with the dogs, but he can't figure out why the lady labs are eating the black oil sunflower seeds that the chickadees so carelessly spill onto the snow. LOL!

Miss Emma Lynn on the left, Tipper, the cat, and Miss Raven Black on the right.

The truth is, that labradors will eat just about anything, LOL!

Miss Emma Lynn, still scrounging for sunflower seeds, with Mr. Tipper and Miss Tanner the cats that wonder why.

Well, me too, if it's chocolate! LOL

Stay calm and quilt on!


Janet O. said...

Nice that you finally got to share your Christmas cookie get together.
We drove past that quilt shop last October, but not when it was open. Maybe next time. : )

Debra R said...

I've been to that Quilt shop! On our way back down from way up North on our way to visit you & Felix. Loved that trip....Your FW block is just wonderful Vic..I wouldn't even know how to start to use templates! I copied the patterns from Randy @ Barristor's Block...Have 32 blocks done so far, but then the mystery know how that goes....Kisses & Hugs all around please...

Feathers in my Nest said...

Hey Vic, will you be doing Barbara Brackman's BOM for 2014 called "Threads of Memories"? I still have her BOM patterns for 2011 I think, Haven't had time...Well, I'll save the patterns anyway, you never know...

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