Friday, March 13, 2015

A Lucky Day!

Today was glorious sunshine with 40°F, YEAY!!! More melting of the old snow! I drove down to Concord, New Hampshire to visit Claire's Friday Quilters' group at the Golden Gese Quilt Shop on 22 Liberty Street.

Claire and Penny were admiring Beverly's quilt for a friend's teenage girl. Last week I called it crayon box but Bev said that it is actually done from one of the Jenny Doan Missouri Star videos on The quilt looks great!

From left to right, Beverly, Claire, and Penny (the longarmer lady)
Bev had worked on getting those perfect purples onto the top for the borders. Doesn't her new haircut look terrific?

Claire said that a better picture could be taken from the top of the carpeted ramp, so we tried doing that shot, too. Beverly is peeking out, but Marianne is camera shy and hid behind the quilt top.

We all laughed and chomped some chocolates!

Claire had helped me out by trimming my wonky log cabin blocks to a nice uniform size. It is a task that I would rather be dragged naked through the streets of Gilmanton Iron Works, New Hampshire, than to have to do it. Thank you, so very much, Claire!!!

The big layout table in the workroom was available, so I spread out the blocks into the "Streak Of Lightening" arrangement. Alas, I had miscounted and was one block short of the 49 that I needed!

No problem! I took careful notes as to where the missing block would fall and for it's orientation as to when I create the new block. The picture above does not show the empty space at the far bottom right.

I labeled each row with a pinned on marker to the first block of each of the seven rows of seven blocks. Then I stacked each row of blocks.

Beverly was busy with errands and couldn't stay but I got her to awaken "Yoda" briefly from his nap for a quick photo opportunity. He wasn't impressed.

Poor puppy! Soon he was whisked away by his Puppy Mom and off for rides-in-the-car, which is always more soothing than camera flashes, LOL!

I also worked a wee bit on my Grand Illusion sashings, and now I have all 60 of the pairs joined.
If you haven't yet discovered Bonnie K. Hunter's mystery instructions, her link is here.

This above, is what the last missing half-sashing units looked like. Whew, I hope that I counted right this time because I'm notorious for shorting myself of a few blocks lately. I had them pinned in groups of tens, too. Ahhh, well, easy enough to make a few more!

I hope that all of your challenges today are as easy to overcome! Stay lucky.

Happy sewing!


Janet O. said...

Seems like you are always off sewing with friends somewhere, Vic. And always sharing chocolate and good times--you are a lucky lady.
I look forward to your finish on the log cabin quilt. Love log cabins! : )

cityquilter grace said...

fuzzy math? i completely wait to see grand illusion together!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

What fun, I'll need to check out this quilt shop next time I'm in NH. I'm happy for you that you've had some melting, spring is less than a week away! Your log cabin blocks look great!

Janet said...

If it ever does work out that you end up getting dragged naked through the streets of Gilmanton Iron Works, New Hampshire you'll have to be sure to let us know... :) Love your log cabin quilt. I haven't heard that layout called Streak of Lightening before but that name seems to suit your quilt.

beth s said...

LOVE your scrappy streak of lightning quilt! ;)

justducky65 said...

Miscounting units?! Me too, but I was over on all mine for the GI - they are in a box for figuring out what to do with them later. Always like seeing what your adventures! Hope this is the last big snowfall for you for the year.

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