Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sew Happy!

Yesterday and today have been days of 50° and the melting has begun!

 I know that there is a long way to go, but it makes me giddy to have a warm sunny day.

The snow yesterday was still such a solid crust that the cats and dog could walk upon it, whereas today, they sink right down into it because it's so mushy. These shots above were from yesterday.

I needed to get out and about and decided to take myself to Footprints Quilt Shop in East Rochester, New Hampshire run by Kelly Jerome. It may not be the largest quilt shop in the world, but it is packed with beautiful fabric displays and has a great selection of reproduction fabrics.

As usual, I was in the mood for neutrals and found more beauties than my budget could really afford. I settled upon these which I just couldn't live without, LOL!

The other very special activity was enjoying Barbara Brackman's newest color discussion over at her wonderful Civil War Quilts blog.
It's purple this week, wheeeeee!

I'm proud to be able to use some of Barbara Brackman's Civil War Jubilee in my blocks. These scraps were carefully hoarded by me from The Mothership, also known as Keepsake Quilting's retail store in Center Harbor, New Hampshire.

Brackman also gives marvelous suggestions for setting options for all these gorgeous "Stars In A Time Warp" blocks.

The setting of the blocks is far more intimidating to me than the making of the blocks themselves, so I'm still weighing my options.

That means I'm procrastinating, LOL!!! When in doubt, make blocks.

It doesn't hurt to get a few odd 4½" (unfinished) HST's made for future swaps and maybe even more of those scrappy Jacob's Ladder blocks shown above.

I hope that you are gaining ground in your quilty goals, too. Stay focused but enjoy a little wandering, too.

Sew happy!


Janet O. said...

I'm happy for you to finally be getting some sunshine and warmth!
You have so many fun quilt shops to visit. Can I be jealous? : )
Oh, I love purple. Great blocks!

swooze said...

Yummy purple! Glad you are in a thaw.

Wendy Caton Reed said...

Love those stars. Sounds like you had a fun day of shopping. Always good to get out (even if the budget does get stretched!).

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I love your stars and your melting temps! Yay!! I'll have to add Footprints to my list of shops to visit when I'm in NH in a couple of weeks; naturally, I'll be returning to the Mother Ship while I'm there!

cityquilter grace said...

very nice neutrals vic...i am holding off until jo morton's come out april....oh and BTW, i sent you a little something today....i will miss you my friend....hugs from afar!

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