Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Mud Season

Here in the north country, you are fortunate if you can afford to buy a house on a paved road with a paved driveway, and we are especially blessed with a sunny driveway that drains away from the house.

From Sunday through Wednesday there has been a glorious thaw and melt ushering in the start of "Mud Season."

Our Matthew has helped out with the chopping of ice.

My Felix replowed the asphalt three times trying to break up the hardpack of snow and ice.

Today, at last, we got down to very sandy and sometimes very wet blacktop, YEAY!!!

On the quilty notes, I was able to enjoy the Continental Breakfast of omelets served by volunteer Georgiana, Bob, and George, over at the Pearson Road Community Center in Alton, New Hampshire on Tuesday morning.

It made for a happy start to The Sunshine Club, our quilting group. Sue was sewing the final long seams on her Greens strippy jelly roll quilt.

After she finished that seam, Stella helped her cut the crosswise length when it was folded in half.

I have trouble spelling, "Leprechaun Quilt" without my spell-check feature on this computer, but that's what I think that Sue should call her quilt.

The pictures do not register the bright flecks of golden glitter that swirl through the strips, but in person, it is very glitzy!

After measuring the top, it was 58"x 68" before pressing. The prospect of pressing the top on a travel pad was so daunting, that Sue decided until she could do it on her own ironing board. Roney (pronounced, Row NAY), our Center's Director, gave Sue permission to bring in an ironing board and store it on the premises of the Center. YEAY, Sue!!! Thank you!
I got four more blocks assembled for my Scrappy Jacob's Ladder and also refilled the Hersey's Milk Chocolate Nuggets dispenser, YEAY!!!!

Today, I was able to do a Chrome Yellow block for Barbara Brackman's Civil War blog.
These are some of the fabrics that I used for it.

And, with a drumroll, here is the block!!

 Happy sewing!


Janet O. said...

Nice to finally see pavement, I bet.
How many more Jacob's Ladder blocks do you plan to make?
I really like that star. Judie's Party of Twelve is a line I couldn't resist. : )

cityquilter grace said...

ooh very nice chrome yellow....can't wait to see more!

Cathy said...

In the 50s here and snow is melting.
You always look like you are having fun with your sewing groups. I might have to make another Jacob's Ladder if I keep swapping 4Ps and HSTs since I've about used them up in the latest quilts I have in process.

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