Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March Ends

Winter is as hard on the machinery as it is on the people and the animals. Bouncing over all the frost heaves this March has damaged both of our vehicles' starter mechanisms.

Yesterday my husband's usually reliable Mercury Mountaineer got grumpy right around its starter mechanism and we were quite stranded. Can you believe that it happened at the Concord, New Hampshire, Burger King? 
Perfect! We had food, toilets, soft drinks, a borrowed staff person's cell phone to call for help, and I even got half of my binding hand hemmed in a comfortable chair with great lighting right there, LOL! What a great place to be stranded!!! 
Finally got home with a tow truck and $150 dollars lighter in the checkbook at about 9pm. So glad that my perfect little lady labrador was able to hold it until I could let her out!
Aren't we all so dependent upon our wheels, LOL? Nevermind, it will all be repaired eventually.
So today I stayed home and worked on cutting the 100 half width of fabric strips for the quiltvillechat swappers.

There are two swaps over there in which I'm playing; both the Civil War Unwashed, as well as the Civil War Washed.

These were the Unwashed 2½" strips. I had a nice selection of fabrics from some recent Ebay purchases that turned out to be glorious bargains in Civil War selections.

Since they weren't yet prewashed, it worked out fine. Once they are all stacked into ten piles that are ten fabric strips, I fold them once and pop them into their Snack bag. Ahhh, here they are all ready to go!

Well, they also get an address label on each baggie and then popped into a big gallon bag before I place them into their USPS flat rate shipping envelope.

Lots of melting and basking in the sun for the dog and the cats today.

The temps were in the upper 40's and we all loved that the table and benches were clear enough of ice that they could spend some time in the blessed sunshine!

Take nothing for granted. Just be happy with what you have. That's what this little guy on the upper right side of the feeder was saying to me.

Stay calm and quilt on!


Glady said...

Hi Vic, I can't believe how much snow you still have on the ground. It finally melted here in Ohio. You have a great attitude about life and all its ups and downs. Thanks for cheering up my day. Gladys

Janet O. said...

What an adventure you had!
For a woman who is always on the go, it seems it would be a challenge to be homebound, but you take it in stride. : )

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