Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Everything Day

With an early morning two inches of snow that glistened when the bright sun came out on it, and then some light wind that brought in rain...well, this day had every kind of weather in it! Felix did plow the driveway as there was just a little too much to melt off and we know what happens to it when it gets slushy and then freezes. You can be stuck with an icy mess that lasts all winter.

It being an Everything Day, I decided to tackle my overflowing gnarly basket of strings. Whenever I'm truing up an edge when cutting, I take a generous cut of about an inch and a half up to two inches rather than cut a weensy bit that gets thrown away. That first uneven cut goes right into the strings basket.
I chose some various cheddars and golds to use as the focus fabric and made up 8 multi-colored string blocks in the 10" size. It was great fun! I even used a few of the wing triangle and red string pieces from Orca Bay as L&E's, so I told myself that I was still working on it. But I didn't believe it. LOL!

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