Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy Twelveth Night!

Today was bleak and cold with a bit of snow. After getting down to the Post Office to send a Care package of extra sewing supplies to our list moderator, Swooze, I decided to crawl into bed and take a nice nap. It was long after dark when Felix came in and woke me, saying, "Honey, it's time to get up for supper."
As I stumbled sleepily down the hallway into the kitchen, I remember saying, "Hey, I smell paper burning!"

Felix and Matthew just roared with laughter! Here is their Twelveth Night present to me; a cheery fire in our fireplace!

It really was a gift because we have not had a fire all winter yet and I just love them to pieces. My guys are the greatest!


Beth in MN said...

Hey, can I come and enjoy your fire? I only have a gas fireplace and it just is not the same. Enjoy

Unknown said...

Hey Vic, Good for you on the anniversay of not smoking! Looking forward to seeing your Orca Bay completed. I will start mine soon, I hope.

Debra said...

Boy, are you lucky. What good guys you have. I have 2 fireplaces in our house, can't remember the last time they were fired up. Can I come over & enjoy the warmth with you??! hehehe ;-)

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