Friday, January 20, 2012

Goldenrod in January

For the past couple of days, I have been working on the golden focus-fabric string blocks. I may call this lap quilt "Goldenrod." As I have worked on it, I have used the Orca Bay wing units and red strings assembly as my leaders and enders. Here is what a couple of the blocks look like. One of the most fun parts of string quilts is seeing what they look like when assembled with a different color for the focus fabric in the center diagonal.

There is a nice homespun strips swap in Nickelswap. I've been collecting homespuns and looking forward to making a big quilt from them. So I've spent quite a bit of time preparing fabrics for that strip swap.

Also, the 8 yards of brown and cream printed flannel for the backing of my Patches and Pinwheels has been cut into 3 equal 96" pieces and washed in the washer on hot and dried in the dryer on high heat.

So it should be all shrunk down. I'm in the process of clipping off the selvedges from all the sides with sissors. I don't trust myself to do that with the rotary cutter. I'm going to trim 14" of width off one of the pieces and then add it to the bottom of the three sections to increase the length. The pattern won't be matched but it will do for the size that I need.
Here is the picture of the God's Eye lap quilt top, Goldenrod.

As you can see, we had a snowstorm last night of about 5" but my hero, Felix, plowed the driveway so clean and clear that it melted off in the sun. We are due for more snow tomorrow but not as much. I hope the Channel 9 weathermen are right, but I've shoveled a lot of "no accumulation!"

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Helen in the UK said...

Those Goldenrod string blocks look great. Love string quilts, esp those that have a co-ordinating element of some king :)

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