Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jo Kramer's Star Kissed Cookies

Today was brutally windy and poor Matthew was working outdoors all day over at the recycling center (still affectionately known as "The Dump" by all the townies). I was inspired to have hot tea or cocoa and fresh cookies waiting for him when he got home at 6:30pm, long after dark. Felix also had a hot hearty supper of beef cooked in wine sauce gravy with petite peas and red bliss boiled potatoes.
Jo Kramer, of Jo's Country Junction, had this cookie recipe around Christmas time and I printed it out to add the Kisses to my shopping list. The cookies are wonderful!
Jo has asked us to relate our "Waste-not Wednesdays" tip. Here is mine!

If you do not have a large cooling rack for your cookies, slit open one of those clean brown paper grocery bags and place your cookies on that to cool. It will also absorb any excess grease from the bottom of the cookies, too. When you are done with it, it makes great kindling paper for the fireplace.

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