Friday, January 13, 2012

Quilty Brown Bag Auction

Wednesday night my guild had their regular meeting with our Quilty Brown Bag Auction. Helen is always our auctioneer and she does a great job by peeking into each brown paper bag and oooohing and ahhhhhing over its contents. We, in the audience, can only guess from her little verbal hints as to what's inside; treasure or white elephant! There was a $10 maximum bid for any one brown bag.
Because I had misplaced my newsletter, I hadn't been sure that it was auction night and didn't bring anything except a little extra pocket money. Since I wasn't participating by bringing in a bag or two, I decided to help out by giving Helen starting bids as she called for them.  I began the bidding on almost every one of the 40+ bags, but only won on 3 lots.
I loved what I got! One bag was some floral fabric in a large scale and also had a preprinted harvest vest (cut and sew). I think the floral was intended to be the lining. Nice! I'm too big to fit it but I could make it up as an item for our new "Boutique Table" at our next quilt show.

Next I won a large handled shopping bag that was filled with glorious scraps. Great variety and nicer fabrics, too. Yippee!
Lastly was the very best! A complete, with precut fabrics, kit for a 45"X60" WATERCOLOR quilt top! I've always wanted to do a watercolor quilt, so now I can learn the basics with this kit.

Okay, now, the total damage? $17.00 for everything! The kit would be at least 50 bucks from Keepsake Quilting, I'm sure. So I made out like a bandit.
Hope that Friday the thirteenth was good to you, too!


Nann said...

"Rafflemania" was our guild program last week. I brought a box of stuff, spent $10 for 20 tickets, and won two lots--a set of FQs (2 yds), a set of 5 Debbie Mumm books (nothing very interesting)....and I said to the cleanup crew that I'd take anything left over. I got one of those Cranston preprinted vests, too, and 2 yds of a print for a baby quilt, and a bunch of other books. Pretty good deal!

Anonymous said...

Aren't mystery bags wonderful. You bought some great items and also helped your quild with funds for future programs/projects.

Debra said...

Hi Vic, Have fun with your new found treasures! Make something pretty. ;-)

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