Saturday, February 11, 2012

Early Risers

Saturday! I was up very early for me, at 5:30am, awakened by Raven's cold nose bumping my hand to tell me that she needed to go out. She has never had an accident in the house, so I was happy to oblige her. I tried going back to bed but kept thinking of the special Hazelnut Creme New England Coffee that I had set up last night all ready to run through the Bunn coffeemaker in the morning. The coffee won. I poured it through and it was delicious.

Snow is predicted. That will temporarily render my designway wet and messy. Other people have a designwall but I use my driveway. So I worked hard to finish assembling the eighth row of Sister's Choice and pressed and pressed and pressed.
Then I carefully carried it upstairs and auditioned some border selections. Geez, nothing looked right! All the stuff that I had bought to be the borders was sickly. I was working with tans and creams as the inner border with a medium green as the outer. I hated it!
Felix distracted me with a fabulous breakfast of fried eggs with Kielbasa slices and sauted green cabbage and Pillsbury Grands biscuits. As I ate, I'd look over at the quilt top draped over the two rocking chairs. Then I got a bright idea! Try a deep turkey red to work with the green? I tried it and I loved it.
So back out to the driveway to spread and smooth out the top, then I use a steel construction worker's rule to measure through the center length to find the number to cut the two inner borders, then do it all over again for the top and bottom borders. I'm loving how it looks! The pictures do not do it justice because my beautiful warm pea soup green points all look black and the inner border looks brown instead of turkey red.

In the middle photograph the breeze just would not quit playing havoc with the left edge, turning it over to show the underside. Oh well, live on a hill, then there is always a breeze! LOL! I love it in the summertime!
Here is a shot that shows the first of the wide outer borders:
It is a very nice-looking green and cream paisley that is 5 1/2" cut and will finish at 5". It kinda blends in with the asphalt here but it will be wonderful when I get the last two sides sewn onto the top.


Debra said...

Love the quilt top Vic! Nice colors. I love the stars too. :-)

Beth Probasco said...

I love your taste in coffee and dogs. I'll be right over. Good thing Minnesota is a long ways away!! LOL

Nann said...

Good for you to use up swap fabrics! I like the two border prints....very restful combination.

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