Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sister's Choice Blocks

Gracious, here it is Thursday night already, and I have so very few pictures for you! I've had fun sitting outdoors in my folding chair soaking up the glorious sunshine to fight my Seasonal Affective Disorder. Most days I need to bundle up but right in front of the garage there is good protection from the northerly winds. I do a minimum of 15 minutes every sunny day.

 This week I sent out a lot of swaps and was often trying to make the little Gilmanton Iron Works Post Office before they close the window from 11am to 1pm. We are so small that the postmaster, Linda, needs that time to process the mail and there is no one else to mind the counter. The next nearest station is six miles away, so we love our Post Office!
I didn't take pictures of all the outgoing swaps, but here is one of "foliage" prints in 2 1/2" Half Width Of Fabric (HWOF) strips with ten different foliage fabrics in each baggie.
The baggies are new to me; they are the "Snack Size" from Zip Lock and are 3 1/4" X 6 1/2". They fit perfectly! Then I throw all the little snack sized baggies into a big gallon sized Hefty with the zipper. If you think you might like to join the foliage swap here is the group address. It is a Yahoo group that you would need to join and we do prewash.
The other project that I've enjoyed working on this sunny week, is my long unfinished Sister's Choice. Bonnie's recent slide show inspired me! The blocks have just been languishing in a basket. So I took them out and laid them out on the driveway, aka my design wall. Thank goodness it was not too breezy!
 These were all made from Civil War nine-patch swaps from the Nickel swap group. These were from last year and I want to make two twins from them eventually. This will be the first one. Here is the layout that I liked using a six by seven block layout. The last row never got photographed because the wind started to pick up and toss the blocks around.
I quickly picked them up in order and labeled the stacked rows with a slip of numbered paper pinned to the top block of every row. Today I was pleased to get all the blocks assembled into rows. Tomorrow I plan to dig out my ironing board to press the rows and join them up. But I'm thrilled with my progress! Whee!

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Helen in the UK said...

These look like nice blocks, so glad to see they will become a top. Enjoy your sun trap :)

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