Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Sale That Wasn't

I had an errand in Meredith, New Hampshire today, and it being a weekday and fair weather, I booked it the extra six miles to go to Center Harbor where the Mothership store of Keepsake Quilting is located. This photo was from last summer, so there are no flowers in February.

For all of February, Keepsake has had a "Show & Tell" promotion, so if I wanted to play, I was running out of February! I brought in my Sister's Choice flimsey and the clerk's loved it.

They presented me with my 15% off certificate. But it is only good on non-sale items. However, the sale prices from the outlet room are better than 15% off so I was very happy.
I got five fabrics in Civil War selections, mostly Judie Rothermel for Marcus Brothers, half a yard each, except for the red print, which I decided to get 2 yards of. That one is a Nancy Gere for Wyndham's 19th Century Reds.

I just love them all! I also decided to try out one of their specially made Charm boxes for keeping your 5" squares clean and unrumpled. It was $5 for the box which is exhorbitant but at least it is made in the U.S.A. I liked the fact that it has four very small breathing holes on the bottom.

I thought that I could use my coupon on the little charm box as it was regularly priced. But NO! My total needed to be a minimum of $25.00 of non-sale items to qualify for any of the Show & Tell discount. Sigh.

The only good deal was the ten scraps for a quarter each! I had great fun picking out the neutrals and you know what a sucker I am for florals! Bring on the cabbage roses!
At my request, the sales clerk at the register gave me a creamy neutral tie-up strip for my bag. So pretty!!

And I was able to pay cash because I kept it under $35. Not by much, but under!


Nann said...

Keepsake + bargains = a perfect day.
And your Sister's Choice looks really good.

justducky65 said...

Any day in a fabric store is a good day. Boo on the sale that wasn't, but yay on the Civil War fabrics. I have only started collecting them in the last 6 months, and I do love the Judie Rothermel prints too! Nice selection.

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