Wednesday, February 1, 2012


When I was a little kid back in the 1950's, we made fun and games out of nothing at all. One family tradition was that the very first word uttered on the first day of the month was, "RABBIT!" You must not sleepily murmur, "Good morning." You had to remember when you awoke that it was the first day of the month. My five-years-older-than-I sister, Suzanne, was a crackerjack at this. She would come right up to my bed where I was still sleeping and boldly say, "Rabbit, Victoria, Rabbit!"
People who did say rabbit as their first word uttered got good luck all month long. Those who stumbled would get a brand new chance next month. I know that it sounds too simple to be very much fun, but we honestly looked forward to the first of the month. I'm convinced that we learned how to read and use a calendar at a younger age because of it.
So to you, my blogees, I say, "RABBIT!

To keep it quilty, I did work directly on Step 7 of Orca Bay today. I completed two stacks of ten of the winged geese for a total of twenty. I think that brings me up to 70 of the 128 needed. They sew so sweetly when they are well starched!
Having done that, I decided to be a VERY BAD GIRL and start something new that I've been just itchin' to begin! I dove into the two inch strip bins and played house all day. Specifically, Bonnie K. Hunter's "Happy Scrappy Houses from

They are easy to do but require great fun in making all the design decisions as to which color for the roof, what will go in the window, should the door be light or dark, do I want the neutrals all to match or not? I especially wanted to start this because my guild (Belknap Mill Quilter's Guild a challenge out for "Buildings." I can't find my copy of the newsletter, Material Matters, to review when it is due. Maybe June? Not sure. But this will be perfect for it!

Because I'm the only quilter left in the whole wide world who still makes every cut from the lines on my mat, instead of from the lines on the ruler, I am clueless as to how to square up these blocks the way that Bonnie describes. I used a big 9 1/2" square Omnigrid (oh yes, I HAVE them, I just don't use them! LOL!) and aimed for the 1/4" overlap near the corners of the topsy turvy houses. Then I thought I was supposed to use the big square ruler as if it was a template. Well, that sucks.
So the first one that I squared up got kinda too small, but in the ballpark sized, so I'll still use it. The other three seemed better trimmed; right side & top edges cut, then rotated to do the opposing sides as Bonnie said. Maybe I should try using the larger 12 1/2" Omnigrid. They all have too many competing lines on them. I'm a simple woman. I need a simple ruler. And I don't want a sewing machine that's smarter than I am! LOL!
The most important thing to me, is that I had a ball!


knitwit said...

I come originally from the North of England, our tradition on the 1st of the month is to say "WHITE RABBIT". Our amusements were simple too, and must be still as my husband and I play the game after 47 years of wedded bliss.
Have a great 1st of Feb.

Vic in NH said...

Thank you so much, Ruth, for your input! Felix and I are only up to 42 years come May 30th of this year, so we certainly admire and appreciate your marriage. I read your note aloud to him and we were very happy to know that there is another couple out there that love just plain fun.

Debra said...

Love your Houses! What will you call the quilt when done? "Pieceful acres?" "Seams like Home?" hehehe

Helen in the UK said...

Love those houses. I have that pattern on my "want to make" list too ... one day!! In the meantime I can enjoy seeing your progress :)

Nann said...

I first read about "Rabbit!" in a Trixie Belden book--I think it was The Black Jacket Mystery. That was about 1965. I have remembered "Rabbit" ever since but I cannot recall that I have EVER had that as my first thought/spoken word on the first of any month. And I've had over 500 first-of-the-months to try it.

Nann said...

I wondered about the origin, so I looked it up.

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