Saturday, February 4, 2012

"Recent Developments"

I'm still poking along on Happy Scrappy Houses and got another four blocks done! That's the good news.
 And, I tried squaring these four up by using the ginormous 12 1/2" square ruler and did it much better than when I was using the 9 1/2" square ruler. That's more good news!

The very-less-than-terrific bad news is that the first group of four measures in at 9 1/2" square, while the next four, completed today, measure in at a perfect 10"! Now everybody's gonna get sashing all around, so maybe there is some room to fudge it and make everybody play nicely with each other. I think it will all work out. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

Debra from Massachusetts had some cute ideas for the name of this quilt, but I've decided to call it "Recent Developments". I guess I'd better not let it become a UFO or the name will be a lie. LOL!


Beth Probasco said...

Hey, I like your story and your thinking!!! Go Girl!! Your blocks are so cute.

Debra said...

Very good Vic!! I like that name alot!! See how creative you can be! Lol :-)

Nann said...

HSH is a fun block. Once you get going it's hard to stop! You can cut the sashes to fit the 10" size and trim from there.

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