Friday, March 2, 2012

Big Storm!

Well, the big news here is the big two-day snowstorm that has left us with slightly over half a foot of fluffy white powdery snow.
It was difficult to take good pictures of Raven in the snow because she was racing about with happiness! She acts like a puppy in new snow. It always makes us laugh to see her enjoying it so much and we cheer her on!

Her tail was wagging like crazy as I took these yesterday when we had about half as much snowfall as we do now, today. But it has stopped, so it is time to get Husband Wonderful to please plow us out!

 MY HERO!!!!
Looks like 7" but it has compacted a little, too.
As for being indoors and piecing, I'm proud to show off the last set of six Civil War Criss Cross blocks all made with their matching nickels! Yippee!
You can see that mine always need sliver-trimming to be perfect 5" squares. This fabric is a darling Judie Rothermel, "Inspired by Old Sturbridge Village" print from Marcus Brothers. It is quite a bright green background with red & white flowers and chrome yellow foliage. It looks rather Christmasy considering that it is a floral, doesn't it?

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