Thursday, March 29, 2012

Stash Guilty?

There are times when I have teased myself about being a "Very Bad Girl" for having bought gobs of pretty new fabrics. The truth is, I do not feel guilty or bad about buying fabrics. I love them and I am inspired by them. I feel sorry for the folks who feel the need to constantly spend all their time inventorying and posting about how many yards in or out! Sheesh. We have enough real things to worry about.

I buy whatever I think is a good deal pricewise that I will use. I love having fresh fabrics to augment the 1980's stuff that I'm using up. It is like a painter buying new tubes of color.

These are from the Keepsake Quilt shop's annual fat quarter sale and I LOVE them! It made me happy to buy them, all 60 of them. It made me happy to touch them when arranging them to photograph them. They will make me happy again when I prewash them and hang them on the clothesline. They will make me happy again when I cut, sew, press them. I like this stuff. This is what I do.
I'm especially happy that fabric purchases are not caloric nor mind-altering. My Husband Wonderful, Felix, is thrilled to pay fabric bills rather than American tobacco bills. When I smoked two packs a day, we spent over $3000.00 per year on cigarettes (now they are even more expensive).

 So I feel good making quilts now with tons of lovely fabrics!

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