Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Winter Returns

Last week we had unusually warm, summer-like weather. It brought my Mount Hood daffodils out a whole month early.
When we first moved here to New Hampshire from northern Connecticut, Sam's Club was running a special on these daffy bulbs. They were only $10 for a package of 100 as I recall. I bought 300 and put them in without knowing exactly where would be the best spot. I lucked out by putting them on the far western (over to the left in the picture on the header) side of the house, about 6 feet away from the foundation. Well, they have thrived there! The afternoon sun bounces off the white vinyl siding, melts the snow and warms the earth early there every year.
What is horrible is that after the five days of 80 degree weather, now winter has returned with a vengence. Gale force winds of 45 mile per hour and temperatures in the teens at night! All those open flowers will die, I fear. It was so windy that I did not even bother to cover them up with a sheet. I asked Felix to help me harvest a big bunch before the freeze. So I have been delivering bunches of daffys to my friends in the village. I even put a vase of them on the counter in our post office. Everybody loves them!

These are the pictures of my Happy Scrappy Houses http://quiltville.blogspot.com/2005/06/happy-scrappy-houses.html from Bonnie K. Hunter. I'm up to 16 blocks and I don't really want to make any more but I prefer rectangular quilts over squares. Sigh. What will I do?


Kate said...

Hi Vic! I love your house blocks! How about putting a row of "grass" or "ground under each row of houses, with no sashing between the houses on each "block". That way you could add whatever the measurements of your "grass" to the length of the quilt, without adding the same to the width. A rectangular quilt! Beautiful daffodils! Can't wait for the warm weather to return! :-)

Elaine Adair said...

What will you do? Add some checkerboard on the top and bottom, or a picket fence top and bottom (picket = straight 2 x 6, and then do a quick corner to make it pointed on top) Just a thought. I agree, I like them rectangular. Wow, those daffys! We have ours as well, but only a few. Tulips peeking through.

Lordy, on that quilt you rescued!!! It's a stunner - maybe someone had argument with prev. owner? Mystery, but am glad you saved it!

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