Monday, March 5, 2012

Binding the Snow Angel

Today was a wonderfully sunny day in spite of cold winds. I got down to the post office to send out my Criss Cross Civil War blocks for swapping and learned how to use the internet to track the Delivery Confirmation Receipt, too. I'm old enough to remember when there WAS no internet and the Post Office mailed you a post card signed by the recipient. Now you just haul up the and put in the delivery confirmation number!

I worked on that binding for Patches & Pinwheels and got it beautifully attached to the quilt. I had guesstimated the number of WOF strips and was just one shy of what I needed. No big deal, I noticed it early enough to stop and make one and add it onto the main.

 Felix and I made much more awesome progress on clearing out the pathway for the dryer swap today, too!
Here I am taking a break from that and just beginning the hand-hemming with my Ott light turned on to dispell the shadows on these dark colors.

I had gotten a great deal on the cabbage roses on navy fabric from Hancock's of Paducah and I loved it so much with my favorite pink tee shirt that I quickly made up a scarf to wear with it. I just love campy shabby chic florals! I'm finally old enough to wear whatever pleases me, teehee.

Raven was busy, too, making snow angels, or are they puppy angels?
After all that, it was a big yawn and naps on the futon!

Love that lady lab!


Beth Probasco said...

Love Raven, the sewing machine, the quilt, and the snow. Wonderful combination.

Elaine Adair said...

I have been too busy (?self-centered?) to see what everyone is doing, but this morning I re-started on a UFO, Patches and Pinwheels! I've actually made one previously and loved it so much I'm making another, but it looks almost exactly like the first - I'll probably give it away! But holy smoke, I was able to work for two hours before work this time - wonder what got into me?

It is nearly 70 degrees here today - unreal! Not for tomorrow but I want to enjoy it while we can.

Keep on keep'in on. Sorry about your dryer ... the last time my kitchen range had an issue I went shopping for new, wasn't impressed at all, and our repair guru/man was adamant - "Keep this one - it's old but better than the new ones." We kept it, he fixed it. 8-)))

Kim said...

You've been busy !
Nice job on the patches and pinwheels.

Happy sewing

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