Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Death of my Dryer

Right now I'm overwhelmed with the process of dealing with 25 years worth of clutter and hoarding that has accumulated around the front of my Kenmore electric dryer. Felix and I worked on this task together because in his own way, he is as much as a packrat as I am. Besides that, he is an old sweetie who always supports me.
This old dryer has died after 37 years of service!  And the motor STILL runs and it tumbles fine! But the heaters are dead and parts are no longer available, we called Sears to be sure.
I fought losing this machine. What I loved the most about my Kenmore dryer was the very generous lint trap that pulls up and out of the top of the machine. It de-lints and de-doghairs all our cotton jersey knits beautifully.
About ten years ago, I got a good deal on a lightly used Whirlpool dryer that has been stored out in the garage since I bought it. Now it will be pressed into service. But getting the two machines swapped into place is a huge chore that is ongoing. I can do sorting for an hour and then I get weepy with feelings of failure and despair. That's when it is best to take a break from it.

As for quilting, I was very cheered today to actually FINISH all 127 "winged string geese" units for Orca Bay. I got the last of them pressed and trimmed of their dogears, too. In between working on the geese, I knocked off one more scrappy happy house block as a leader/ender.

Oh yes, I did one other thing, too. This basket contains all of the cut and starched and ironed binding strips all joined and ready to sew onto the Patches & Pinwheels. It is a deep burgundy blender fabric that I bought last March on that trip to Marden's department store in Sanford, Maine.
Posting this progress has truly hauled my mood upwards, so thank you for listening! As I watch the news of all the tornado destruction, I pray for those less fortunate than I. I am sure they would like to trade problems.


Michelle said...

You have my sympathy! When my washer died last summer, I had to clear out everything that was stored beside and in front of it and only had an hour or so to get it done. Wasn't fun at all.

But thirty-seven years?! That's impressive!

Beth Probasco said...

Sorry about the dryer. We always hate to lose a good appliance. Love the winged flying geese blocks. Great reds! I am working on mine and hope to finish today. Need to get off the computer first!! LOL

Nann said...

I remember that Kenmore dryer model. My parents had that (and the coordinating washer). 37 years is a LONG time for a household appliance. You got your money's worth!

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