Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What Went Wrong?

Now, you MUST agree, something went terribly wrong with this Happy Scrappy Houses block from Bonnie K. Hunter! http://quiltville.blogspot.com/2005/06/happy-scrappy-houses.html

The house itself is just fine, but whatever on earth did I do wrong on the skinny wedge-shaped pieces? I cut them from the same 2 1/2" X 11" rectangles as I did the dozen or so of the ones I've already done...geez! Then I figured it out! The two rectangles must be BOTH FACING UP WITH THEIR RIGHT SIDES! I had the two pieces just as they had come off the bolt with wrong sides together. Sigh. I removed the magenta and put the wrong pieces into the scrap crumbs box and cut two new ones from a pale robin's egg blue.

Hooray! Now it works!
Also, last night at dusk when the breezes die down, I was able to lay out the Civil War Windmills blocks. I had made twenty and I think that will be enough.
 I like the way this looks because it has so much movement. When I was at my guild meeting I borrowed a neat book on fancy pieced borders, so I'm thinking about making one for this quilt.
 Our weather has been record highs for 5 days in a row. I mean, 80 degrees in MARCH???? In New Hampshire?? Last year we had 6" of snow for April Fool's Day. It was so warm that I got really thirsty for something other than my usual hot black decaf tea. Here's what I did; half diet cranberry juice mixed with half orange flavored seltzer water.

It tastes like that Thanksgiving side dish of cranberry orange relish that we used to make with a meat grinder when I was ten. There were no food processors!!!!LOL!


Nann said...

Would that be an "unhappy" scrappy house block? Those setting triangles can get turned around even when they are cut with the correct side up. (Sez the voice of experience.)
I do like the windmills.
It's freakisly unseasonably warm here along Lake Michigan, too, but a front is on its way with rain and a 20-degree temperature drop.
The orange seltzer + lowcal Ocean Spray sounds yummy!

Kathleen said...

Love the windmill quilt blocks and house block also. I'll have to try out that drink. Sounds refreshing!

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