Saturday, March 31, 2012

Flying Geese!

Most of this week has been sharply colder temperatures in the 30's & 40's with gale winds; true March weather. It is NOT pleasant to be outside even though the grass is greening up.
My view from my sunning chair usually has a few chickadees at the new feeder beside the Easy Street sign that I bought from the state of New Hampshire prison system as a joke.
Even the garden is desolate!
So most of this week I poked along on making lots of Civil War flying geese to do a border on Windmills of Your Mind. I talked Felix into coming down into my Quilt Cave to take some pictures. Before he snapped any photos, I specifically asked him, "Is my hair okay? Should I comb it?" He said, "Naw, it looks great!"

This is the same man that cannot see any toast crumbs left behind on the countertop either! LOL They say that men are differently wired. I believe it!
Anyway, here's the progress:

Now to determine the size of the spacer border between the center and the pieced border!

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