Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day? Or National Quilting Day!

Okay, so it is both today! I'll wear some green and go to meet my quilting friend Deb from Meredith at the Keepsake Quilting shop's annual Fat Quarter Sale. We go out for coffee afterwards to sit and catch up. In the meantime, here is something hopeful to look at...
This is one of the 50+ daffodils that Matthew helped me to plant last fall. Yippee, they're up!!!!

Hello again, friends! Here is an update on the great fun that I had with Deb at Keepsake. While we were there, the store was crowded with fellow quilters but we enjoyed their company. Everyone was so very nice!
 We bumped into Shirley Mento and Ann Rampulla who are the Belknap Mill Quilter's Guild currently serving President and President Elect, respectively. We all shopped 'til we dropped! Here are Shirley and Ann resting after buying some bargain priced batiks for the Penny Sale to be held at the big guild show in September.
They are both very hard working and dedicated and our guild is lucky to have them. They are also both sweeties! I apologize that my camera needs new batteries; that's why it looks overexposed and washed out. Now, I ask you, should I try to tea dye the photos? LOL!

Deb and I did enjoy our coffee and conversation at Dunkin Donuts, but alas, when we went to leave, my poor old car would only growl at me and not start! Deb rescued me by calling Felix on her smartphone and taking me home with her until he could get there. Deb has a lovely home and gorgeous houseplants!
We traded some Cheddar Bow Tie blocks and talked to our hearts content before my car was towed home for Felix to repair. Here are the cheddars that Deb sent home with me:
And Matthew added this photo for me. All in all a very fine day. Did I tell you that I bought 60 fat quarters?

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Anonymous said...

Victoria, I am sorry that your car wouldn't start, but it has been a trusy vehicle for a long time and we all poop out at times. Good seeing you at Keepsake.

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