Friday, June 8, 2012

Creating My Own Sunshine

Yesterday, I enjoyed some more piecing on those Evening Star blocks after I got a quick haircut. Here I am all gawjus!

I don't have a "before" picture, but trust me, I looked as overgrown as Beethoven!

A torn ligament in my left ankle has made it uncomfortable to do too much standing and pressing if I'm tired, so there was a backlog at the ironing board.

This morning when I was fresh, I tackled it. Here are a few of the scrappy double four-patch quilt blocks.

I guess that at this stage they should be called 16-patches, right? They continue to be a leader/ender project for me as I make the Evening Stars.  If you wish to see what I plan to use them in, look here:

I showed some of them to my dear friend Judy Sigsworth and she suggested that I begin sprinkling in a bit of red into some of the Evening Stars. That was a capital idea! I decided to add some bright cheddars, too. Here are the new results:

A lot of these are Civil War reproductions that were scraps leftover from cutting nickels for my swap group over at Yahoo Groups,

I own a ton of Civil War stuff but I am guilty of thinking it is too precious to cut into!!! But I love how it looks in these very traditional blocks.


FeatherDuster said...

Wow--I love your star blocks! I may *need* to start (another) new project! :-O

Auntie Em said...

I love how you are playing around with the position of the lights and darks in your star blocks. They really sparkle.

Elaine Adair said...

Yeppers - gawjus it is! MY date to get gawjus is Monday - thank goodness!

Your stars as so pretty -- wondering where you're going with the too-neat 16 patches, but I'll be watching, like always.

Stay cool! I have almost moved permanently to the basement - lets see, computer, bathroom, bedroom TV, desk for sewing -- notice anything I need? NO KITCHEN! LOL

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