Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Puzzle In The Quilt

Today is absolutely HEAVENLY weather! Mild temps in the 72-ish range, sunny with blue skies and puffy white clouds and nice crisp air with light breezes. I've been rinsing out fabrics in my oversized bathroom sink in Orvus. By the way, always buy your Orvus at a feed and grain store for the best price!

So my clothesline is once more decorated with pretty cottons!

But to get to the clothesline, you must walk through the fenced dogyard past the rambling rose bush that has "eaten" the fence!

The scent of roses wafts everywhere! These ramblers are not a showy flower, but, boy howdy, are they fragrant! I wish you had sniff-o-vision to share in it!

The stuff on the line is a mix of Civil War and modern styles.

 I love this eye-popping cheddar by Faye Burgos! I love her stuff, but I'm not sure if it is actually considered authentic Civil War reproduction, or just a wanna-be. The pattern has tiny chocolate and red bricks.

That last red is modern but it has a cheddar-colored outline around the diamonds!
Here are four more Evening Stars. I had been making every single one as different fabric combos so that no two would be alike. But I had enough scraps to make two exact matches of this one combination, so I did.

Now won't it be fun to have only one pair of exact matching blocks in my whole quilt and make it a puzzle? Can you find the two matches???? I just love puzzles in the quilts, don't you?

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