Saturday, June 30, 2012

Back To What Passes For Normal Around Here

Today is Saturday and we are back to hot muggy weather as I return to my regular routines. Going to Bonnie's workshop was that "good-kind" of stress. I was like a kid going to Disneyland the night before I went! So, of course, I started something new!

This is another of Mary Johnson's quilts called Stars and Pinwheels It is only two different blocks that are big pieces compared to Bonnie quilts. There is one brown star block and one pink pinwheel block, but what makes them dynamic is the cream colored unbleached muslin that forms a secondary pattern.
What I love about this is that it uses all large HST's, which I am making up from my pink and brown 5" nickle swap fabrics from a year ago. I draw the diagonal line on the muslin and stitch 1/4" down on either side and then cut on the line to make two matching HST's.

Can you see the secondary pattern starting to form just from this pair of 16" blocks?
The brown block on the left has a Civil War fabric that I thought was dark brown but now seems to be dark green. Never mind, it's staying!

I never showed you my block made at Boxy Stars workshop, did I? Well, I'm kinda ashamed of it because the French General Moda Jelly Roll didn't seem to have enough contrast for me to like. Additionally, my piecing was very haphazard. I was taking pictures, chatting with everybody, eating chocolate kisses, and acting like a big old butterfly. I had a ball! I was too excited to settle down and pay attention to detail. But, here it is, warts and all! LOL!
Now that I've unpacked it, it looks better to me but it could use a decent pressing, right?


Elaine Adair said...

LOVE the big stars, chocolate and apricot colors - a nice blend where they fit together.

MMMM on your boxy stars - i see why you are less than thrilled. Every lesson is a good one, even if we don't like what we learned .. I think the fabrics are lovely, just too busy - hard to "see" the pattern. Live and learn. Although pressing might make it zing! 8-)) But you had fun and that's what counts.

Helen in the UK said...

Your workshop blocks may not be perfect ... but you could have stayed home and sewed from the directions online to get perfect. Seems like you took full advantage of the 'live' workshop and chatted with others and met Bonnie and soaked up the atmosphere of the experience which was the best parts of attending in person!

Love the brown/pink blocks and thanks for the pattern link ... I have lots of nickels that would work on this too :)

Debra said...

Glad you had so much fun at Bonnie's workshop, who wouldn't? I would've found it hard to concentrate too. But your blocks look good to me. Love the pink/brown combo. Like you said your boxy star just needs a press, looks fine. We're always too critical on ourselves. Keep experimenting with color til your happy if you intend to make more boxy stars.

Beth Probasco said...

Oh you lucky lady!! I envy that you were able to take a Bonnie class. Eating chocolate and visiting and learning is what a class is all about. Also, your brown and pink blocks are wonderful. P.S. What a wonderful hubby to drive you to class and back. What a keeper.

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