Sunday, July 1, 2012

Check, check, and double check!

The whole country is suffering a massive heat wave and many of the mid-eastern states are without power for AC. I am very blessed to have my two little window units at either end of the house keeping the living spaces very comfortable.

Down cellar is nice too for temperature with a big floor fan oscillating the air. But this morning when I went down there, I noticed a slight damp scent from the sweaty concrete walls. Immediately I put on the dehumidifier and opened up the cellar door into the hallway of the house to circulate more air. I sure don't want to be making musty-smelling quilts!

As I worked on the new top's blocks, I hummed, "Check, check, and double check." I do each block as a unit and lay it out right beside me by the machine.

As I sew the parts, it is so easy to goof it up! So far, I've kept the pattern true.

All those HST's like to wriggle around on the machine table, so I can't wait to get them securely sewn down. HAH! Now you can't wrong-turn on me any more! LOL!

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Glady said...

We are also dealing with the heat in Ohio. Along with that, we have a drought going on. Southern Ohio got rain, but it missed us. I quilt in the basement too and just had whole house air put in - we need it this summer. Now I don't need the dehumidifier because the air keeps it dry down there - yea! Stay cool!

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