Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Postage Stamp Swap Open!

Way back in January of this year, I participated in a postage stamp swap that was hosted at The Curious Quilter.

When I did it, I chose to do two inch squares cut from 100 different fabrics. As I cut, I cut four of each one of the 100 fabrics such that I had 3 sets to trade in the swap and one set to keep for myself.

It was a huge success for me! I got back all three sets very promptly traded, and in nice quality. It was such a good experience that I'm going to do it again even though I skipped the April session.

I'm more ambitious now and am cutting 12 sets of 100 different fabrics, (1200 squares), all the same matching sets, with one to keep for myself.  Here is this morning's cutting session with two rows of twelve stacks of ten each stack. Only eight more rows to go!

If you'd like to see some great looking eye candy of what the swappers are doing with these, go to the above link or the interactive blog button just to the right here and read about the swap. Check out their flicker photostream link for the eye candy. These sign-ups are open until July 22nd, so there's still plenty of time if you'd like to play, and international swappers are welcome, too!

And no, I haven't started sewing mine yet, I'm just smugly hoarding them! LOL!

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