Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sew Cool!

Oh Yippee! Oh joy and rapture to have a beautiful Canadian high pressure system with cooler dry air!!! I have been able to shut down the AC window units and open up the house to glorious fresh air.

I'm sorry to have no pictures because I was too busy visiting to remember to take the camera out, but I had a lovely time giving real hugs to Debra from western Massachusetts who came to the farm to meet me. It was really fun and I'm glad she came. Imagine, a quilty friend who came to call because of this blog! I love it!

Can you believe that I went to construct more unbleached muslin and brown/pink HST's this morning and discovered that I had no more muslin prepared? So I shopped my stash. I had a 15 yard bolt hidden behind the rolling teacart in the living room and dug it out. I had bought it at Joann's last April when it was $1.99 per yard, but I had used a 50% off coupon on it. I am so glad that I invested in it then. Quilting cotton prices are getting ridiculous!!!! And the price of gas is so high that shipping charges on internet purchases have skyrocketed, too.
I've got that muslin soaking in the bathroom sink with a bit of Orvus and several other pieces of fabric with it from https://www.fabric.com/. They have some good deals if you get the offer for free shipping for orders that are over $35.

I had a grand time making a few pillowcases for upcoming family birthdays today.

This one is a pale pink body with a coral pink flange and used up a fat quarter on the cuff. Here is another one.
This one is yellow daffodils on the cuff with a two-tone green flange and tiny Easter eggs on the body.
The next two are for Matthew, who picked out the cuff racing fabric from The Golden Gese fabric shop in Concord, New Hampshire.

Now that I look at them, the racing cars look like they are upside down to me. Not sure which way would be correct. If you have an opinion, let me know in the comments, thanks!

Raven sleeps like a corkscrew, doesn't she?


Debra said...

Hello Vic, I'm just as bad, as we had the camera in the car when we stopped by!! .....Lovely Pillowcases. The cars are fine, either way would be appropriate. They look wonderful. Take care..

Elaine Adair said...

Oh lovely coooool days! We had them for a few, but getting hotter again. Still not in the 100s! Jeeesh.

Pretty pillow cases - good idea to use up decent fabric.

Every time I go to town, 60 miles each way, I figure it costs me $25.00 just for fuel. It's pretty easy to avoid making that trip, if I don't have to, and just click on a button, instead of stepping on the gas. But I sure do miss driving.

Beth Probasco said...

Boy, can I identify with cooler temperatures. We normally do not have 100 degree temps in our area of MN, so it was lovely when it cooled into the 80's.
Love the pillowcases. They are always so much fun to make.
Oh, what a hoot to have someone visit due to your blog. Keep cool!!

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