Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Musings

The past couple of days have been pretty unfocused for me quilty-wise. I think I burned myself out on that big layout and have not touched it since. Now it's a "Quilt-In-A-Basket!" LOL!

Raven hopes you had a good Fourth of July and wished you to see the special red/white/blue stars bandana that she's been sporting to celebrate.

I did a few more of those pink and brown stars & pinwheels too. This is what I'm up to with the twelve I've made so far.
Whoops! I guess I've only made eleven, then, haven't I? LOL! Slacker!
It's funny how the photographs make some of the browns look as gray as the asphalt pavement of my driveway where I've got them laid out.
I'm seriously considering stopping at 12 blocks rather than the thirty that the pattern calls for. On the other hand, I have more pink and brown nickels already cut to make into more HST's. Hmmm. Need to think about it. For those of you that comment, please register an opinion; stop at 12? Or go for broke with 30?

I tried to transplant these tall phlox OUT of this location to a better spot near my rock garden. They grew nicely until the dang deer ate them up. Then, apparently, I did not get all the roots from here, so they grew back. They look stupid all crowded in beside the dwarf Alberta spruce, but they are staying. They've earned the right to be here.


Marge Gordon said...

I think I would go slightly larger, either 16 blocks or even 20. But it's your quilt, do what you want. And I love your tall phlox, do they seed? If so, I would love to try them down here. Hmmm... wondering if they're any near me?

Debra said...

Hello Vic, I applaud your pinwheels. I've always been afraid of those! I would probably go for the 30 blocks myself. You might regret it if you don't. Either way tho, It's beautiful & love the colors you chose. Your Phlox are gorgeous, I know! I have periwinkle ones in my yard. Not nearly as stunning. Good luck on your progress.

Elaine Adair said...

I'm really liking those pink and brown blocks - how many are you aiming for?

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