Friday, July 27, 2012

A-Binding We Will Go...

When I'm procrastinating on a task that I don't want to do, I usually justify the delay by doing something else. So while I was dragging my feet about making a binding and sewing it onto my Sister's Choice quilt, I decided to bang out three nice pillowcases.
These two are a matched pair and used up two yards of cream colored fabric that had gold metallic print on them. I don't like metallics and these were mistake purchases on the internet. I suppose I could have returned them, but I didn't. I like that they are Christmasy without actually using Christmas themed prints.

The third one is a pretty blue with a bit of olive greenery and buttercream yellow. I have already mailed it off to a friend who has been ill for a quick cheer-up present. One folded pillowcase fits very nicely into a manilla envelope and the postage was under $3.00. You couldn't buy a Hallmark brand card for that, or any type of flowers either.

As for my Sister's Choice, I broke down and faced the music. I had already auditioned the fabric that I wanted to use for the binding, a Civil War green stripe with tiny golden micro dots by Jo Morton of Andover. I got the 2 1/2" strips cut and joined together on the bias, and then ironed that one giant piece in half using some starch to "glue" the wrong sides together. Then I began machine stitching the binding onto the trimmed raw edges of the quilt.
You can just see the top of the open weave basket that holds the binding for me to keep it clean and untangled. Some people like to roll it up, but the basket works best for me.
There sure is a lot of quilt there to horse around!
I got it all sewn on, but I will admit it, I took a break when I was halfway around!
After I got it all applied onto the quilt, I pressed the binding over towards the backside of the quilt to be able to stitch it more easily. I don't use pins or even barrette clips to hold it into place, I just use my left hand to guide the next 3 or 4 inches into position as I sew.

It was such a gray day with showers that I sure did appreciate my Ott light!
Raven decided to sneak a little nap time in Puppy Dad's chair while he was down in the garden planting Swiss Chard and Bok Choy. He likes to plant those late in the season for the cooler temps so that they are less likely to bolt.


Auntie Em said...

What cute pillowcases, and a great way to use up yardage that might not otherwise make it into a quilt.
I never thought about it, but you are so right that a Hallmark card would cost more than the postage, and I'm sure the gift will be so much more appreciated.

Amanda said...

That basket is such a great idea! I don't like rolling up my binding either, but I hadn't thought of a basket. I just have a huge pile hanging all over me and my chair! I am going to have to try a basket.

Anonymous said...

Oh, oh, oh! Love your white sewing machine!! I also enjoy your blog banter. Thanks for that.

cityquilter grace said...

very nice pillowcases vic, and always feels good when a binding is one and done; me, i'm cutting up for a kit and binding my tablerunner, which is almost done, yay!

Beth Probasco said...

What a great way to procratinate!! Pillowcases are so much more fun then binding. Love the basket idea.

Sara said...

I think the basket idea for binding is a smart idea. Your machine is really quite lovely to look vintage machines:)

Your puppy is adorable too..nice shiny coat and such a sweet face.

Sarah Craig said...

Whoop whoop whoop for getting that binding done!!! And your pillowcases are fab!! Whoop whoop!

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