Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sublime Temps!

Yesterday, at the Sew & Sews sit'n'sew meeting, I had to park way far away and it was a long hot walk to the building of the Taylor Community's Woodside craft rooms. I decided to leave "Scottie," my Scotland-made Featherweight, in the car and just work on hand hemming my Windmills quilt.
 It was easy to  carry in the one bag with the quilt and the two baskets for the Guild Penny Sale over one arm. Each basket had a home made jelly roll and everybody oohed and ahhhed over them, so I was very proud of myself.
Today the weather was MUCH cooler by 10 or 15 degrees and lovely dry air. I was able to shut down all the AC last night and open up the house. It was pleasant enough to have the quilt on my lap to keep hemming it.
Can you make out Raven's sleepy body on the futon? I keep trying to keep that cream-colored flannel backing from getting covered in Black Labrador dog hair. When it's hot, she does shed.
I also want to say that I've gotten an early birthday (mine is October) present from Felix! The postman delivered these two used books from a lady in El Paso, Texas who was selling them.
I know, I know, I picked them out, but he paid for them, so I'm counting it as a gift to me! I've wanted them for so long and our guild library doesn't have copies of them.
Nickel Quilts and More Nickel Quilts by Pat Speth and Charlene Thorpe, Yippee!!! I participate in so many nickel swaps that I'm looking forward to using these in the future.

 When I'm here in the little tiny office room at the computer, Raven likes to join me on her little quilt on the linoleum.

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Helen in the UK said...

I knew those jelly rolls would be admired! Hope you enjoy your new books - I've made quite a few of the patterns in mine :)

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