Saturday, July 14, 2012

Happy Bastille Day!

Storm your own personal prisons and QUILT!!!! LOL!

Well, the hot humid weather has come roaring right back and is predicted to stay right through the week. UGH! I hate being too HOT. I'm staying in with my 2 little AC window units.

But I have been cutting and stacking pretty little piles of 2" charms for a couple of days and now I'm done with all 1200 charms cut. Yippee!! Now I'm just waiting to be assigned to my 11 swap-mates. I made 12 sets of 100 different fabrics, but I am keeping one for myself. Matthew took my picture as I was just finishing the stacking and counting.
Raven thought it was boring and yawned!
It is still pretty steamy and uncomfortable now down in my Quilting Cave down cellar, so I work a little down there and then come back upstairs to the main level of the house where the AC is gorgeous.


Elaine Adair said...

So yours is a "Quilting Cave? 8-)))

101 predicted for tomorrow. Ugh 8-(

Beth Probasco said...

Good thing for AC!! It is suppose to be 100 tomorrow. Yuck!!! Good for you getting all those 2 inch squares done. ;>)

Astrid said...

Great to see you are part of the fun too! I've been cutting charms like a mad and I can't wait to get my new swap partners! Love your quilting cave and I understand it sometimes can be rather boring for Raven! :) We are into 'winter' now and I can't say I'm looking forward to hotter days!

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