Saturday, November 10, 2012

Open House At The Mothership

Yesterday's bright sunshine and raucous breezes truly energized me, sitting out in my chair with my big sunglasses on!

I got 6 yards of newly acquired fabric rinsed and out on the line but forgot to take a picture for you. Here it is back in the house and neatly folded. All three pieces are going into three different quilts.

These were 3 pieces that were all 2-yard hunks. One was a Cocheco Mills historic in a medium blue to work up into a border for that snowball/twisted ribbons top that I dubbed, "Mr. Bojangles." I'm still wrestling with what proportions of white background I want to use for borders with the Cocheco blue and the gold paisley (not shown).

Then I started wondering about maybe making a pieced border with all those QST's that I made a couple of weeks ago when I was just noodling around. Still not sure.
The QST's are truly indigo and there is zero indigo in the quilt. What to do, what to do? Let it sit and age some more I guess. I might just wait to see if Bonnie Hunter is gonna use anything like these in Easy Street.
While I was waiting to get my mojo back for joining up rows on my Pistachio Nuts top, I started using some .25 cent scraps from The Mothership (Keepsake Quilting's retail store) to make some more Sawtooth Stars for potholders.
These are "semi-Christmas" because they are Christmas colors but not necessarily Christmas fabrics.
I bought some Insulbrite batting from Joann's when it was on sale in October.
When I was cutting these pieces, I had fun kitting up about half a dozen more of them.
Today is an Open House at The Mothership with a Fat Quarter sale of 20 FQ's for $25 but you must buy 20. It used to be 20 for $20, and I'm sorry to see it go up. Still, that works out to $1.25 per FQ with no shipping charges, (well, okay, gas money to get there) and that is so cheap! It should be fun and I've been looking forward to it for weeks. I guess I should wear my Fabricaholics Anonymous shirt, shouldn't I? LOL!


Debra said...

Boy, would I love to go with you. I need more FQ's! And a few other fabrics too! Well, have fun Vic. Stay safe. Back to making more CW blocks today....

Rosa said...

Have fun day.The new fabrics look just beautiful!!

Kathleen Wilson said...

Sounds like a fun day to me! Enjoy and try not to buy out the store. Love your quilt. Have a great weekend.

Janet O. said...

I love it all, Vic. The potholders are a great idea. I did a bunch years ago and gave them to about everyone I knew, but that has been a long time. Maybe it is time for a repeat performance.
Oh, someday I will visit the Mothership. Sounds like a great sale to me!

Bud and Marsha said...

Lucky you! Wish I had been there to go to the Mothership with you for that sale!

Hope all is well!

Nann said...

The indigo in the QSTs may go with the quilt top, but I don't think the tan would...that's just from seeing your driveway photo. (BTW, the asphalt gray of the driveway frames the quilt nicely, too.)

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