Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Serenity Now? No, Senility Now!

I officially have too much fabric. There, I've said it.
Last week I bought two matching Bella red solid 5" charm packs online and was delighted with them when they arrived. I had a plan to work on a Christmasy project. Yesterday I was admiring them as I sat in my fabric-crowded living room. I must've put them in a "safe" place. Today, they are nowhere to be found. As I searched shipping envelopes and bags, I did find two sets of charm packs that I had forgotten ordering. Sigh. Shhhh, don't call the folks at the Sunnyview Home yet!

What I did do today was to finish up the last of the sets of 4-patches for Step 1 on Easy Street and got them all pressed and pinned into groups of ten. That felt good!

Then I also cut out and kitted up the makings for a set of six churn dash blocks. That felt good!

Additionally, as I was doing that, I completed another Ocean Waves scrappy block as a leaders/enders project and got it pressed and starched. That felt good!

But what felt the very best today was getting so close to this cheery little chickadee friend!

He or she is pretty well camouflaged in the wisteria vines. Nice, huh?


Debra said...

Hi Vic, Doing great on your projects! Everything is so beautiful in those fabrics...I spent the entire morning making 6 heart blocks, what a mess I made. 2 came out correctly. 4 were pieced with the wrong sized squares! I've made tons of these thru the years, you'd think I'd know the measurements by heart. Oh well, I have 2 blocks for a friend.....Love your Chickadee!

Janet O. said...

Yes, you officially have too much fabric, Vic. : )
But you have made good use of some of it today--congrats.
I love watching the "wildlife" around my home, too.

Glady said...

You can't possibly have too much fabric . . . don't worry, I've lost fabric and it always shows back up. I'm working on my four patches for Easy Street too. It is a lot of sewing and pressing, but I am thrilled because I finally figured out how to "spin" that middle seam. You would have thought I won the lottery.

Beth Probasco said...

Oh Vic, You are not alone!! I am constantly losing fabric, tools, books and whatever in the sewing room. So far, I haven't disappeared to never be found again but that could happen yet!! VVBG If you have too much fabric, then I am in very good company because my stash is definitely too extensive.

bertiequilts said...

I am still working on my 4-patches for Easy Street... still have a few to make... I am using the color scheme Bonnie suggested... was watching her last nite on Quilt Cam and she said that when you get the 4-patches done, you wont be using any more grey,... I like my grey so may put some of it in a border... 2 more friends of mine here in Georgia are making it. She said there were over 200 linked up to her and that doesnt even count the ones who dont have a blog and cant link... This is my first mystery with her.

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