Saturday, December 1, 2012

Last Place

When you've lost something and you are looking for it, it is always in the very last place that you look! Of course, that's because, once you have finally found it, you aren't looking anymore.

Yesterday when I got up early to view the newest clue to Easy Street, I was all hot to get started on it. But oh, no! I could NOT find my Companion Angle ruler needed to make this step. Moan and groan.

I spent hours searching. I looked under piles of fabric stacked on the cutting table, looked in the ruler holder at least 70 times, checked on my hands and knees to see if it had fallen under a shelving unit or near the cutting table, all to no avail.
I knew that I had used it successfully to make those indigo QST's a month or so ago, so I looked where they were stacked neatly, but not there either.
Then I remembered that I had used it during Charlene Higgin's wonderful Churn Dash workshop at The Golden Gese. Maybe it was still in my big rolling suitcase with the featherweight in it? Checked there, but still NO companion ruler. By then it it was noon and I was hungry and discouraged.

Felix commiserated with me and made me a lunch of hot dogs on potato roll buns, my favorite! I ate two with all the fixin's and then polished off a plain old naked hot dog. As I was upstairs to eat, I thought to look in the fabric tote bag that contained all the fabrics that I had kitted up for that Churn Dash.

WHEEEEEEE! There it was, safe and sound! By that time I was so exhausted mentally and physically, I took a nap.
This morning when I was fresh, I got a bunch cut and I even remembered to stack the lights right sides together so I'd be cutting mirror images as per Bonnie's instructions. I almost forgot, but I caught myself!
As you can see, I'm making my "purple" in browns and cheddars. My logic is that Bonnie's aqua is a blue, so that will be my blue too, indigoes for sure.

 Then Bonnie's lime greens will be my sagey colonial greens.

The red was my constant,

so by process of elimination, the cheddary browns are what's left. So they became the "purple" substitution.
My Step 2 of this mystery might be in "Last Place" for finishing it, too! LOL!

The greatest fun today was refilling the birdfeeders in the snow. The Chickadees came right up to me but fled the camera's flash.
All summer long in the heat, I kept ordering Felix to "Make it SNOW!" Finally, months later, he's taking my advice.
Raven is as pleased as I am with the snow. Yippeee! Snowbath time!
Shake-a, shake-a, shake-a! LOL!


Debra said...

Oh, I just Love your fabrics Vic. I almost went with CW fabrics too. I just finished spinning & pressing my seams on the 4~patches because I had pressed them all open. oops! After watching Bonnie on quiltcam last night, I thought I'd better press them correctly. Have fun sewing....It's snowing here too.

Janet O. said...

Isn't it maddening when you can't find something you KNOW you have!
I'm really liking your colors for Easy Street. May be similar to what I end up doing--when I finally do it!
Enjoy your snow--we are getting rain!

Kathleen Wilson said...

I love your fabric Vic. Glad you found that ruler. You know that thing is priceless. You keep all that snow with you, I don't want it.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Lovely fabric choices, I envy your snow! My favorite HD buns are the potato variety too! :)

Kathy W-P said...

Vic in NH:
I've been a stashbuster for numerous years and hands down you are my favorite quilter. Why, you ask? Because you are so positive! I love your frequent comments and they are always so nice and nurturing! Glad you found your ruler and I am still working on Easy Street.. 9 more 4 squares to finish!

BudandMarsha said...

I think your colonial color choices will be lovely in that quilt. I can't say I'd be as excited as you if I were "home" when it snows. I don't miss the snow; just the family and friends.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Glad you found your Companion Angle. I was afraid that you were going to report that you had to go buy a replacement one. ;-)

Our Golden Retriever (RIP) loved making snow angels ... as son as we get a good snow, we're going to scatter her ashes in the snow.

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