Saturday, December 29, 2012

Yippee! Snow and More Snow!

I love winter! I love the snow! I love the cold weather! The air is so clean and crisp. I get to wear all my favorite cotton turtlenecks under tee shirts or tunics. I can snuggle my lady lab with a quilt or even watch her wriggle in the snow upside down for a snow bath.
Matthew had his boots on, so he got the mail from the mailbox.

We got about 10 inches on Thursday, had a day to shovel out, and now on Saturday night we are enjoying another storm of about 6 inches.
I'm only sorry that my dear friend Grace from Maine was unable to join me at the Keepsake Quilting End of the Year Sale. I drove in light snow, but I have an old heavy 1989 Mercury Marquis with new studded snow tires and had no problems.
Several months ago, I had won the doorprize raffle at my regular Belknap Mill Quilter's guild meeting. It was a fancy folded bundle of fat quarters in burgundy, dusty rose, and buttercreams. I wanted to add a little green to that mix but I knew that I'd need to bring the bundle to find greens and creams that would play nicely.
Here is the stack, looking more tan than sagey green, but not natural lighting. I'm thrilled with the haul! I think I know what pattern I'll use but I want to sleep on the idea.

In the meantime, I've enjoyed playing along with the Easy Street clue 6.
These strip sets have been cut into the 3 1/2" double brick blocks already. I have over 80 done and the last 50 are sewn.
Time for a nice hot cocoa!


Janet O. said...

Looks like we have been having similar weather.
Lovely fabrics--wish I could have been there, too!

cityquilter grace said...

good thing you went today....our weatherman said 1" overnight but so far we've 3"....canceling was the right thing to do. what else did you get? i am thinking of doing marden's this week to make up for the disappointment...

Helen in the UK said...

Oh I love snow too ... as long as I can stay indoors and admire it or have the right equipment to go out in it!! Sounds like you are well set up, here in the UK we are not and it causes chaos!! Enjoy :)

Debra said...

Oh I'm with you Vic. I Love the snow & bundling up. Comfy cozy weather.Everything has a kiss of snow, so pretty.
Your fabrics are Fabulous!

Beth Probasco said...

Hey Vic, I also love winter and get depressed if I don't get snow. We have been having some nice snows here in Minnesota and right now we have wonderfully below zero temps! Looks great out the window. LOL
Love the fabrics you won. I am glad I don't live close to Keepsake.
Beth in MN

Needled Mom said...

It sounds lovely, but I am not a fan of cold weather. Enjoy it and happy new year.

pkquilter said...

I love the snow also! Our grandkids finally got to use the toboggan we bought for them last Christmas. About 8 inches on the ground now. It's so beautiful! But then being retired I don't really have to go out. It can be hard on the comuters. Your new fabric colors are so lovely - will be a beauty of a quilt!

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