Thursday, November 1, 2012

Already November

My goodness, we survived both Superstorm Sandy and Halloween! The storm brought torrential rains that occurred in brief bursts accompanied by gusty winds of 50 mph. Our power went out two times but it was only off for an hour before it was repaired. Yeay, New Hampshire Coop!

What was more disconcerting was on Tuesday, when the storm had mostly passed us by, our internet was out for 24 hours. The HORROR! LOL! I laugh because I was spared major damage, but my heart goes out to those who have suffered life-wrecking upheaval. My prayers are with you.

The other thing that has kept me busy is that I donated a little "couch potato" sized quilt, 62"X72", I think, to the local food pantry. They were so delighted that they even put a little article in our weekly hometown newspaper, The Suncook Valley Sun.

When it became apparent to me that the food pantry gals were too busy to do much marketing of the raffle tickets, I volunteered to do sales at the Ironworks Market country store on Saturday. The weather was perfect! Warm, sunny, and no wind. I set up my cardtable with a tablecloth on it and the quilt and I sat outdoors in front of the store from 11am to 2pm selling raffle tickets. I'm so sorry that I have no pictures but I forgot the camera. Boy, did I sell tickets! I sold 45 in the first hour and was delighted. The tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5. Some folks just wanted to make a $5 donation which was great, too!
If you do not already recognize the pattern, it is Bonnie K. Hunter's Bricks & Stepping Stones and is free on her website. Here is the pieced backing:
And a close up of the backing fabrics so that you understand the quilt's name which was "Sleepy Garden Walls" from the song Deep Purple.
And Sunday marked the one year anniversary of the passing of my dearest little yellow lab named "Luau." I still miss her but I was able to get through the day without crying. Here is a picture of Luau lying at my feet as I finished hemming this quilt.
She was a great dog and I hope to snuggle her again in Heaven.


Debra said...

Beautiful quilt Vic, that's really thoughtful of you to do.....Raven & Luau are just precious together in that photo. So sorry for your loss. I'm sure you'll be reunited again someday.

Helen in the UK said...

Glad to hear you survived the storm (almost) unscathed! Great donation quilt - love that pattern it always turns out well :)

Glady said...

Labs are such sweet dogs. My brother had a black and yellow lab too. I wanted to ask you if you are doing Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt? I am planning on it - my first one with her. I can't wait to get started.

Nancy said...

I'm so sorry you lost Luau. The first anniversary is a hard one. She looks like a sweetheart. Your quilt is beautiful. It's great you were able to raise so much money. How good you survived Sandy with only high winds, rain, and short power outages.

Nann said...

The quilt is so pretty, Vic -- and for a good cause. How many people clucked their tongues and asked you how long it took to make it? (BTW, did you quilt it?)

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