Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tough Room

My day at the craft fair was fun and light-hearted but not profitable. I netted $21.00 for seven hours of being there, so that's $3 bucks an hour. I made more than that when I was 17 and was babysitting! Oh well, never again! At least I didn't get skunked with no sales nor did I lose money.

It was good to get home to where Felix told me how proud he was of my going to do the fair. He had the most delicious hot turkey rice soup waiting for me. It was most welcome because we had a snow squall and a bit of wind that made it chilly.

A great night's sleep put me up early enjoying the coffee and raring to go on more of those Easy Street clue #1. Here is the next set of strips sewn for the 2" four patches.

That rumpled mess ironed out beautifully into these three pairs of strip sets.

And also there were another twenty of the 4-patches to be ironed and pressed open, too.

I'm loving the deeper toned tans and antique-y tea stained lights that I'm using for this quilt and the churn dash quilt too. It is the first time I've used them as my usual "lights" are a light creamy off white.
There was one leftover churn dash that was already cut out and the parts ready to assemble, so I put that one together. It looks black in the photos but it is actually a rich indigo.

By that time, I was ready for a break for tea upstairs, but before I left, I laid out my "teaser task" to be all ready for me to come back to next time.
Ahh, the next group of 40 4-patches all ready to sew!


Debra said...

You're making great headway Vic....Sorry the fair was a bust for you. Tough crowd I guess....Bless Felix for appreciating what you do....I'll let you get back to sewing, have a wonderful day.

Nann said...

I'm sorry you didn't do better at the fair. You never know what people will be in the mood to buy. The first Easy Street blocks were easy (good thing, because there were so many of them). I'm sure we'll be in for more challenging blocks in the coming weeks.

Beth Probasco said...

Wow, Felix is a definite keeper. VBG Sorry your sale didn't go better. Can't wait to see how your Easy Street quilt will look.

Needled Mom said...

The reward at the end of the day was worth it all!!!

Your Easy Street is looking great.

Janet O. said...

Sometimes you just have to try something and see how it flies. Felix is so sweet to be that supportive of your efforts.
Look at you go down Easy Street. Way to move, Vic!

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