Sunday, November 4, 2012

So What Do I Want?

Now I've said that I'm gonna do Easy Street, the Bonnie K. Hunter mystery that starts November 23rd. But I haven't said anything about my fabric selections yet.

I've decided to do a Civil War reproduction interpretation rather than Bonnie's limes/purples/aquas. These are my choices; indigos and wedgewood blues,

warm earthy greens,

 and a range of rich chocolate browns to include just a few cheddars to brighten them up a bit.

My "constant" will be a big 3 yard hunk of Kansas Troubles called Warm Memories that is a turkey red floral.

Off to the right of the red, you can see my bunch of background fabrics.

These tea-stained tans, khakis, and beigey creams are photographing a bit lighter than they really are, and there is no white in the group.

With all these deep, well-saturated colors, I expect to build a moody, somber, rustic-looking quilt that will be very different from Bonnie's light airy palette. For me, that makes it even more fun! It should be a challenge just to properly label the colors and get the right one in the right place for the steps.

Here is a picture of all the choices together in one photo so you can try to imagine how they will play together.

So far, I'm very happy with the look!

The weather has turned sharply colder, in the upper 40's, and I'm LOVING IT!!!!! I'm dressing in my favorite cotton turtlenecks, have two or three quilts on the beds, and my ubiquitous cups of hot decaffeinated green tea are a delight instead of making me a sweaty mess.

I brought all the Christmas Cacti in from the deck where they spent the summer.
They all bloomed for Halloween!
I fear they will have nothing left to give on Christmas, but we'll see!


Needled Mom said...

Those fabrics are going to be spectacular and I love your constant color.

I can't believe how beautiful your cacti are. Mine are just starting to bud out, but I doubt they will be as prolific as yours are.

cityquilter grace said...

your plants are sooo beautiful! who cares when they bloom, only that they do and so profusely...and nice collection of easy street fabrics, too!

Maureen said...

Halloween Cacti! At least they are blooming so nicely now.
Great fabrics for the mystery quilt. I'm too much of a control freak to participate in these mysteries. I enjoy others doing so and will love seeing these 19th century repros being sewn up into a quilt. Have fun with it!

Debra said...

You're quilt will be Gorgeous Vic, How can it not! I know what you mean about labeling the colors, I'll have the same problem! You're cacti are Marvelous, love all the colors. Mine are just budding out too. I have 5 different colors too.

bertiequilts said...

your Christmas Cactus are gorgeous and I love the colors you have picked for Bonnie's mystery quilt.

Kathleen Wilson said...

Hey Vic, love your colors for the mystery quilt and your cactus are beautiful. I haven't decided on colors for the quilt. I'm leaning toward printing the instructions for a later time.

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