Monday, December 23, 2013

A South African Beauty and Some Celtic Progress

We have not had any sunny days in what seems like a week now, I've lost count. I had been waiting for some clear weather to get some good natural lighting to show you one of my treasures from South Africa.

Our dear friend Tony is an expatriated American there on business, and he picked out some absolutely wonderful artisan panels to send to me.

These are silk screened panels whose design was taken from original batik graphics.

Over the weekend, I took this one to Ellen Peters' studio in Laconia, New Hampshire and quilted it for Matthew's Christmas present.

The primitive mood called for my favorite loosely drawn free-hand spirals and out on the black edges I did a back and forth pattern likened to fingers.

The elephants were outlined and it was almost as easy as following a coloring book. The backing is a tea bag muslin from Creative Cuts at Walmart's online store. I used a variegated red thread and it doesn't show up very much but it pretty against the black and red. I do not believe that I can get the hand hemming all done before Christmas Day but it is, at least sewn onto the quilt. It is about 57" x 77", a really nice throw size for a guy.


That all was fun, but left me way behind on the progress of Clue 4 for Celtic Solstice over at Bonnie K. Hunter's site, Quiltville's Quips & Snips.

These orange and green strips feature some of the fabulous fabrics that I traded for with my dear friend in Florida.

Now that's an orange orange!!

Some of these greens were lucky draws out of my 2" strip bin.

I was really glad that my crossways measure was a good solid 3 12" across the width. Tomorrow I'll plan on subcutting the strips to make the four patches.

In the meantime, Tipper, Tyler, and Tanner, are all very happy that the super chilled cold was gone for a few days.

Happy sewing!


Libby Smith said...

I'm not usually into aboriginal stuff, but that panel is especially nice. Your quilting is appropriate, too.

Janet O. said...

Is this a surprise, or does Matthew already know about it? Looks very cool!

Debra Robinson said...

Love your quilting Vic, you're becoming such a pro at it..I know, so gloomy lately, but I did have the window open all day while I was sewing...Love your green fabric..

Beth in MN said...

The panel is beautiful and of course I always love anything with red in it. The spiral quilting is a perfect repeat of the spiral circles in the panel. Good job!!

Vireya said...

You've got some fun fabrics in your mystery!

cityquilter grace said...

vic what a gorgeous quilt for matthew...and the aroma of turkey? how scrumptious! glad you had a merry christmas...

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