Thursday, December 19, 2013

"Do Some Nothing"

When everything seems to be going too fast and my life is over scheduled and overbooked, I take my sister's advice and try "doing some nothing."
I sit and veg out.
I do nothing at all.
It usually last about twenty minutes and then I feel bored and antsy to just do one little thing, like some bit of trivia that has been bugging me to get it done.
Then, while I'm doing that bit, my eyes fall upon something else that begs to be accomplished, so then I do that. And so it goes.
I allow myself complete freedom to wander in and out of productivity. At the end of my "nothing" day, I take inventory and I am surprised at all that's on the the list of things that got done.

It matters to me that I am able to take the pressure-cooker pace out of my life. I enjoy a day of decompression just by giving myself these inner permissions to take my time.

It seems that especially at the end of the year, with short daylight hours, and complex Holiday plans, it is too easy to let great expectations run us ragged and gasping for air.

You can use those hairy stringy fabric "squaring off" trimmings as gift wrapping ribbons, they look so festive!
So I say, tell yourself that you may take a nap in the pale sunshine,

or perhaps just chew lovingly on your favorite tennis ball...

Please be very gentle to yourself right now. Put on some cologne or maybe some hand lotion. Just do something nice for yourself. Do some nothing!

Happy sewing!


Janet O. said...

Good ideas, Vic! I am just finishing the quilting on one last gift and then the binding and I am done with Christmas gift making. Then maybe I will "do some nothing"--while curling up with some favorite Christmas movies, of course! : )

straythreads said...

What a wonderful thought and I think I did that today after baking yesterday and going for a walk because it was so nice out and now we have fresh snow
stay warm doing nothing!

audrey said...

Yes! Love your post about 'doing some nothing' once in awhile.:)

Debra Robinson said...

You are so right Vic..Take a nap, listen to music, do handwork, look thru quilting books & Mags..sometimes it's good for the soul to put it in 1st gear....Great idea for the fabric strings, I like to tie up my tomato plants with them...

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