Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday's News

Saturday and Sunday were consumed with a first of the season big old fashioned snowstorm.

I did lots of shoveling, especially on the back deck for my bewildered kitties.

They say that they've turned into "Catsicles."

Tipper appreciated the shoveled walkway on the deck.

It was a very cold storm which kept all the snow very fluffy with virtually no wind.

An even twelve inches!

That's my favorite kind of winter snow, no freezing rain on top of it!

Felix got a work-out doing the plowing with all of the upper body workout of constantly turning the wheel and operating the plow lift and release.

People don't always appreciate that it is physical work to plow snow, but it is! He has sore muscles today.

Matthew did a huge job of going out and sweeping off the twelve inches of snow off of all the vehicles. I know that is backbreaking work, too.

I had my coffee this morning with a beautiful sunrise over the farm across the street and admired a beautiful cleared driveway!

The Bonnie K. Hunter mystery, Celtic Solstice, still challenges me to keep up with the clues.

Now I've started Clue 3 just a bit of cutting out some HST's.

I think I got about 50 pairs done in the yellows and oranges.

Then I did some chain sewing.

And on to the ironing board to set the stitches and then press each one open.

My total production for the day was pretty pitiful, but hey, it's forward progress, so I'll take it!

Here was a quick stab at one of the pinwheels.

Flipped and pressed open at the center.

Wow! Three made, 22 to go, LOL!!!

I'll need to cut some scrappier pieces for more variety. I tend to cut along the Width Of Fabric and then I feel compelled to use the whole thing. It's sort of a variation on the "Clean Your Plate" club from back when I was a kid. That kinda thinking still gets me in trouble now, LOL!

The Catsicles sunning themselves in the garage. I do take them warmed milk and pretend I'm serving them cocoa.
Tyler on the left, and Tanner on the right.

Frigid cold air is moving in for tonight's full moon, so they will need to cuddle up together again inside their wool-lined sleeping boxes. I still worry about them, sigh.

Stay calm and quilt on!


Anonymous said...

In my part of the country, we always get a lot of freezing rain first, with a dusting of snow on top. A good reason to just stay home. Your oranges are absolutely wonderful! Thanks for sharing your progress.

Janet O. said...

I love seeing your 1' of snow. DD#1 says they got the same. Good of you to warm the kitties' milk and give them lined boxes!

Elaine Adair said...

What a beautiful snowfall! I always LOVE it before all the equipment messes it all up (although it is needed!)

Now those units are orange! Keep on quilting along - I was very smart this year and did NOT participate.

Debra Robinson said...

Yes, LOVE all your snow. We're expecting 3" to 5" more today. All western Ma. schools closing early..was -2* this morning!......You're such a good Momma taking care of your kitties..Bless you.....Your pinwheels look perfect as always, beautiful fabrics too. Stay warm Vic & have fun sewing..

jackiet said...

I'm up here in Lyman,NH & we only got around 6-7 inches but more today. All nice & fluffy. This is the snow I like. I also like your pinwheel colors & can r/t your need to use up wof piece.

cityquilter grace said...

they look terrific...your pinwheels i mean...great job so far! and we got a foot here too, plus another 5 inches last night....ewwwww

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