Saturday, December 7, 2013

Such Fun!

Two days, earlier this week, were consumed by doing the Red & White swap for Block_swappers. I confess that I was daunted by the size of this swap, but I just jumped in and swam with the crimson tide. Once I stopped worrying about it and just did it, it was fun to do it.

I always place the shipping envelope of the swapper down first, to mark "their" pile on my table. Then it's a game of going round dealing the blocks, one to a pile like a perfectly mad game of playing cards. After rechecking everything, I repackage them for shipping out.

Here's my tote loaded for the post office, surrounded by the old used shipping envelopes that had initially marked those spaces of the piles.

It sure did feel good to get the job completed! It is a heavy responsibility to be entrusted with eleven other ladies beautifully crafted workmanship. But if no one will do it, we don't get any swapping done, so I like to pitch in occasionally.

The Suncook Valley Sun, our weekly local newspaper, told of a Christmas review that was to be held at the Pittsfield Scenic Theater. The tickets were free if you would just bring in food pantry items or coats for the Rotary Coat drive.
"The Bodacious Babes" was the name of the show and it sounded like great fun! I drove to Pittsfield, the next town south, with my food items and picked up the tickets the day before the show.

Remembering that my dear friend, Ilse, loves Jack's New York Style Pizza, which is just around the corner from the theater, I stopped in there, too.

In a flash, I had a small pizza to go ordered to take over to Ilse's house.

Her husband, Alfred won't eat pizza and my diabetic husband, Felix, shouldn't eat pizza! So we sat and enjoyed it ourselves, just two girlfriends.
When it came time to go to the show, Alfred was embroiled in an emergency plumbing project. He was busy repairing a leaking brand new toilet that he had installed a few days before, so only Ilse joined us.

Peg Johnson and Kat Murphy sang up a storm in true vaudeville style!

Those two ladies really belted out the songs; Christmas, pop, country, gospel and even a fine patriotic favorite of ours, "Proud to be an American." On that one, the whole audience stood up and joined in for it as the finale.
During the pre-show seating time, free coffee, cocoa with whipped cream, and homemade Christmas cookies were served.

This was our "cookie lady" and we gave a donation to her as well as buying $5 worth of raffle tickets on a white birch Yule log candlestick centerpiece.

It was a perfect evening topped off by an uneventful ride home despite all the dire warnings of freezing rain and slick driving conditions. Then we watched Grimm on TV and had big bowls of stovetop-cooked Orville Redenbacher's popcorn, sprayed liberally with butter spray and sprinkled with tons of grated Parmesian cheese.

Part 2, the second clue of the Bonnie K. Hunter mystery came out today, but I didn't get to read it until after The Sunshine Club met for yet another rainy Friday.

We all worked on our respective ongoing projects and drank decaf coffee with our chocolates. We really do make our own sunshine, LOL!

When I got home from lunch and Bingo, (I won two pots of $0.55 cents, wheeee!), I did manage to sew a few more of the orange and blue tri-recs units from Part I of the Bonnie K. Hunter mystery.

That means I'm up to forty all sewn, pressed, counted, and pinned into stacks of ten. Yeay!!!

On the way to The Sunshine Club, I was a bit late because I started to just drive past this as I hurried along. Then I realized that it would NOT be there by the time I was coming home hours later when I had more time. So I turned the car right around and went back to take these photos for you! If you click on them it will enlarge them.

View 1

This is beside Route 140 in Alton, New Hampshire, just across from their fire station. I think it is called Wentworth Pond, but it is an offshoot of the Merrymeeting River.

View 2

The air around me was cool but damp.

View 3

A little bittersweet (I think?) bush by the water's edge beckoned to be photographed also.

View 4

Enjoy beauty wherever you find it! Make time for it.

View 6

I have labeled these so that you may choose your favorite and tell me which you liked best and why. I love hearing from all of you!

Happy sewing!


Janet O. said...

Sounds like you had a great evening!
Your mystery pieces look nice--great contrast.
You were so smart to go back and get those photos. Lovely!! I vote for view 2--the color contrasts, framing with tree branches, the mist obscuring most of the buildings--it is beautifully composed.

Lori said...

#2 Vic!!

FeatherDuster said...

Thank you for turning around and photographing the pond for sharing!
From the small photos, I thought I'd choose #1, but when I opened them up I was wishing those buildings at he right weren't so obvious...and then #2 took care of that problem and was my clear favorite.

Helen in the UK said...

You've been a busy girl! Looks like a fun show for a good cause.
I like #2 best - extra mist and foreground elements to give perspective :)

J Barham said...

Thank you for taking the time to take the photos to share with us.
I like View 1 of the pond and also the view of the bittersweet. Orange is one of my new favorite colors. I have always loved green and pink, but as I age, I find that new colors are opening up as more favorable in my quilting.

Debra Robinson said...

Hi Vic, nice blocks you swapped..Beautiful pics too. It was very foggy here that same day probably..I like #2..

Melanie said...

Hi Vic, how nice to have neighbours you enjoy spending time with! I love view 2, the bittersweet picture is my second favourite love the pop of colour with the grey.

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