Monday, December 2, 2013

Sewing Some TriRecs Blocks

So I loaded up some bobbins to get to work on the Bonnie K. Hunter mystery quilt, Celtic Solstice! Her page is here.

My first efforts were okay, but I had trouble finding my "sweet spot" on the 1/4" seams that overlap at the point of the TriRecs blocks. Here is a reject that I redid to avoid a chopped off point.

There were only a few bad ones.

I have about 50 done of the neutral and blue TriRecs and none of the orange ones yet.

It amazes me that lots of folks are all done with this step. Maybe I'm slow but I'm having fun with it and not rushing!

I also noticed that I prefer to put the left side on first rather than the right.

That little placement dohickey is pretty important as Bonnie had cautioned us!

This is very similar construction to those offsets on the tumblers that I sewed together for Amy's farewell quilt.

They aren't perfect but measure 3 1/2" and have a decent overlap at the top, so I'm very pleased!

And I got Matthew to take a picture of me in the scarf that I made yesterday.

Miss Raven and Miss Emma liked it, too!

Happy sewing!


swooze said...

Emma found her way to the dark side I see. Nsitting on the couch! LOL

Janet O. said...

I think you are doing great. I don't know how anyone has time to do the mystery during the holidays--that is the mystery to me! I must be a really poor organizer. : )
Pretty scarf, Vic. Glad the Misses approve.

Beth in MN said...

I see Raven has done a good job of training Emma. They look all together to comfortable. I see some pretty blues laying there. I agree with you and am taking my time. Have the 92 orange blocks done for the small version. Will be starting on the neutrals as soon as I get off this darn computer! LOL

Helen in the UK said...

No need to rush, just relax and enjoy the journey :)

Debra Robinson said...

Love your fabrics Vic, so pretty.....I think we all have a few that came out wonky..Nothing Mr. Ripper can't fix. I could redo a few of mine, but I won't....Miss Emma & Raven look Angelic..

Cyra said...

Lovely blues. Don't worry about working slowly as some of us haven't even started yet lol.

Diana said...

Looks very nice, thanks for the hints.

Andee said...

Clue one and the dogs are looking good!

Loris said...

Great tips! Thank you and hugs to those big black beautiful dogs :-)

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