Friday, June 6, 2014

A Sew'N'Sew Day

Wednesday was a great day at the Sew'n'Sews sit'n'sew group. What was best was seeing dear friends who are snowbirds that fly off to Florida in the winters. Welcome back to New Hampshire!!!

I worked on trimming up the edges of the "Lost & Found" quilt that I had quilted on Ellen Peters' longarm machine last Saturday.

As it was my first ever attempt to do freehand feathers on the longarm, I'm very pleased with them.

I sewed on "Scottie" my Scotland-made Singer Featherweight and got lots done on "Lovely" the little pansies fabric from RJR's Debbie Beaves.

Since I am not fond of joining big long rows, I put blocks together in large quadrants. That was fine until I discovered that I had one too many seams for my layout, LOL! No problem, I just un-sewed the one seam to add the rectangular piece onto the squares.

Can you see what I mean in the above picture? You can click on the photo to enlarge it. As I worked, I tried to distribute the colors fairly evenly, especially those black background notes.
Here it is all together, set 4 blocks by 5 blocks.

This will be a very small quilt as this center only measures 37" X 46". I have a bit of "Lovely" yardage that I bought to go with these two charm packs from Missouri Star Quilt Company. The whole quilt is a huge departure for me as I wade into the waters of the color, blue. Every time I look at this group of fabrics, I think, "Wow, it's so BLUE!" Not my usual palette, so I am definitely stretching my comfort zone with it.

Happy Quilting!


Kate said...

Hi Vic! I LOVE your blue quilt! If you're free, come on down to GG today. I'm sewing with a group of friends and there's always room for more! I'd love to see you!

Janet O. said...

I wish I could find a Sit'nSew group to join. Looks like such fun!
I can tell you that my first attempt at FMQ feathers didn't look anywhere as good as that!!
The purple in your quilt is what stands out to me--and I love it! : )

Feathers in my Nest said...

Love your quilt Vic ...I have a charm pack of "Lovely" too..I made my Mini Pinnie with it, that square pincushion with the pockets..Your feathers are Beautiful..

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