Monday, June 2, 2014

And The Winner Is:

Here's a drumroll for the new winner of the giveaway (after a 24 hour waiting period for Cindy who did not come forward with her address) and it is number 43, Grace T. from Maine! Congratulations Grace!
The bright sunshine is beautiful and my garden walk made me enjoy the two new perennials from Freecycle. They are mint and bee balm and doing very nicely after being transplanted in April. The bee balm is monarda, I believe.

As for the mint, I'm never sure if it is peppermint or spearmint, LOL! One has the darker stems I recall, but I'm unsure which is which, now.

I often harvest about six stems, wash them to put into my big teapot. I pour hot water over them and let them steep for about 15 minutes. Throw away the wilted stems. Sweeten to taste and pour over ice for a refreshing change-of-pace drink.

As for my quilty notes, just plugging along on a couple of new Jacob's Ladder blocks today.

These are "kitchen sink scrappy" from the swaps over at Block_swappers on Yahoo Groups. Sometimes as I put these together and press them with a little home made best press, I look at them and wonder if they will work in a big quilt and "play nicely", as Bonnie K. Hunter would say.

When in doubt, add red! LOL! That's my rule, and I'm sticking to it!

Happy Quilting!


Janet O. said...

Oh, I am happy that Grace won! Congrats to her!
Love the scrappy blocks. I think they are playing well. : )

cityquilter grace said...

woo hoo i am happy too thank you vic! and janet you will be with us in spirit friday at keepsake!

Janet O. said...

I just spoke with my daughter tonight and she told me the sale was this weekend. She isn't sure if she will be going because she is flying here on Saturday and doesn't know if she has time to drop in.

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